Stetson Cove

Stetson Cove was built in 1974 and renovated in 2012 and is a university-operated on-campus apartment complex located less than a minute drive (or four minute bike ride) from the heart of campus. Stetson Cove offers 44 one- or two-bedroom furnished, pet-friendly, gender-neutral apartments. These apartments primarily house graduate and upper-division students. The complex offers all the conveniences and amenities one would expect from on-campus housing, such as newly renovated laundry facilities, cable television, Internet access and a courtyard with tables, grill and a fenced animal recreation area. The large average bedroom size and its off-campus feel with on-campus amenities and security make Stetson Cove an excellent choice for students seeking a more independent adult living environment.


  • Central heat and air
  • Basic cable television
  • Wireless Internet access
  • On-site parking

Fully Furnished Living/Dining Room

  • Couch
  • Chair
  • Bar stool chairs
  • Coffee table
  • End tables

Fully Furnished Bedrooms

  • Desk and desk chair
  • Full-size bed
  • Dresser
  • Built-in closet

Full Size Kitchen

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Full range/oven

Community Space

  • Courtyard
  • Tables
  • Fenced animal recreation space


This option allows for persons of any gender to share common spaces within apartment-style housing allowing for growth and personal reflection without the stereotypical gender boundaries of traditional on-campus housing options. This offering provides less-gendered environments similar to ones you would find in off-campus apartments or personal homes.


Stetson University is unique in allowing residents of a designated area to live with their pets. The future of the pet privilege rests on the successful administration of the policy and the willingness of students to abide by, and enforce, the policy. The opportunity to bring a pet to campus is a privilege, not a right.

What is a pet?

The Department of Housing and Residential Life defines "acceptable campus pets" to include: fish, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, cats and dogs of certain breeds and sizes. Dogs may not exceed fifty pounds in weight when fully grown. Pit bulls, Rottweilers, chows, Akitas and wolf breeds, or any mix containing these, or any dog that displays aggressive behavior, are not considered an acceptable pet and are not allowed on campus at any time. Any cat or dog living on campus has to be at least one year old and has to have lived with the student's family for at least one year prior to living on campus. The acquisition of any dog or cat, purchased, fostered or stray, while a student at Stetson University is prohibited in our pet-friendly housing areas. Other types of pets may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Housing and Residential Life. Service animals that are being trained are not considered pets and owners should communicate with their residential life coordinator regarding their presence in the community.

How many pets can I have?

One pet is permitted per bedroom in the designated pet-friendly housing areas. Nemec Hall residents may have one pet per room and Stetson Cove residents may have one pet per resident. Residents found with more than the approved number of pets will be charged a $150 fine, will be asked to remove the non-approved pet immediately and will be referred to the Office of Community Standards. Pregnant pets will not be approved to live on campus. We encourage that you make sure this does not happen while the pet is living on campus. Should a pet become pregnant the mother and the litter will not be permitted to stay on campus.

How do I apply to bring a pet to campus?

Once a student has selected into a pet-friendly housing option - Nemec Hall, Stetson Cove and University Village Apartments (beginning fall 2013), the student will be contacted to complete the pet housing application in order to gain approval to bring their pet to campus.

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