Residence Hall Rates

Rates for 2015-2016

Bedroom Type Bathroom Type Cost Per Semester Cost Per Year Percent of Beds
Individual   $3,825.00 $7,650.00 3%
Hatter Hall Single Suite $3,825.00 $7,650.00 6%
Shared Community $3,331.00 $6,662.00 37%
Houses A-E Community $3,558.00 $7,116.00 6%
Shared Suite $3,558.00 $7,116.00 33%
Apartment (Shared Bedroom) Shared $4,145.00 $8,290.00 <1%
Apartment (Four-person) Shared $4,145.00 $8,290.00 10%
Apartment (Two-person) Shared $4,350.00 $8,700.00 4%
Apartment (One-person) Private $4,568.00
$9,136.00 <1%

Bedroom Types

Individual Bedrooms

A limited number of individual bedrooms, almost all with community style bath, are available in Chaudoin, Conrad, Emily, Nemec and Smith residence halls.

Shared Bedroom (Community Bath)

Shared bedrooms with community baths are the most common type of housing. Almost all first-year students will live in this style of housing for their first year. This style is found in Carson, Chaudoin (Main and North), Conrad, Gordis, Hollis, Nemec and Smith residence halls.

Shared Bedroom (Suite Bath)

Shared bedrooms with suite-style baths are found in Chaudoin (South), Clarion Hotel, Emily, Houses 1-7 and University Hall. In University Hall, the bathroom is shared just among the residents of the room. In Chaudoin, Emily and Houses 1-7, two rooms share an adjoining bathroom.

Shared Bedroom Apartments

Most traditional residence halls have one shared bedroom apartment unit in them. Two or three students live together in these spaces which have unique floor plans with a common area and sleeping spaces. Students choose how to arrange the space to create sleeping, studying and socializing areas.


The University Village Apartment (U.V.A.) complex primarily offers four-bedroom, two-bathroom units (Hon, 300, Lynn and Rinker Halls) with a limited number of two-bedroom, two-bathroom units (Maxcy Hall). Stetson Cove primarily offers two-bedroom, one bathroom units (Buildings 1 and 3), with a limited number of one-bedroom, one bathroom units (Buildings 2 and 4).

Deland Inn Rates

The Deland Inn will be available to members of the Stetson community that are interested in a quieter living environment and students interested in taking advantage of a discount on their student housing.

Bedroom Type Bathroom Type Cost per Semester Cost Per year
Shared Suite $2,500 $5,000