Policies and Forms

Below you will find information regarding various policies and procedures. All students living on-campus should be familiar with the guidelines and information in these documents.

Please use the Incident Reporting Form to report any concerns.

Policies and Procedures for Living on Campus

Information on Room Selection for 2015-2016

Living Off Campus

  • Stetson University is proud both of its residential campus and its tradition of a vibrant campus community. Therefore, the university has a three-year residency requirement.
  • Exceptions to this requirement may be granted to those students who, by August 1, have earned 90 or more credit hours, are 22 years of age or older, are married or in a same-sex domestic partnership, and/or reside locally (within 30 miles of the university. Beginning Fall 2016 the milage will be extended to 45 miles.) with immediate family. Immediate family is defined as the student's parent(s), grandparent(s), legal guardian(s) or sibling(s) not also enrolled at the university. Students participating in a university-approved, off-campus internship or program that requires them to live outside of the local area may also be exempt from this policy.
  • The student must submit a Request to Live Off-Campus form if they'd like to live off campus. Cancellation fees apply after April 30.
  • The Request to Live Off-Campus form for the 2015-2016 academic year is available online and can be found in Housing Central.
  • Students who are not approved to live off-campus after submitting a Request to Live Off-Campus form and who fail to adhere to the residency requirement will be assessed a housing charge equal to the average two-semester rate for university housing for the applicable year of enrollment.

Guidelines for Cooking and Kitchen Use

Animal Friendly Resources