Stetson University

Our Residence Halls

Stetson University's online maps can provide a birds-eye view of where the residence halls and apartments are located in relation to the rest of the campus.

First-Year Housing

*Alcohol-Free housing

First-Year and Upper-Division Housing

Primarily Upper-Division Housing

Note: Although first-year students are not restricted from any halls, our primarily upper-division housing tends to fill up with current students during spring room selection, so first-year incoming students should expect to be placed in first-year housing.

Senior and Commuter Housing Options

Note: The DeLand Inn will be available for students and member of the Stetson community that fall into a special population.  The DeLand Inn is available for Seniors (students with 90 hours or above), students age 22 years or older, local students (within 30 miles), and graduate students.  The Deland Inn will also be available at a discounted rate for the 2015-2016 academic year.

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