Housing and Residential Life

News and Updates

  • NEW & TRANSFER STUDENT APPLICATIONS for 2016-2017 Academic Year will be available soon. Please check back later in the week. This delay will not have an impact on your housing preferences. We apologize for any inconveinence and we are excited to welcome you to Stetson.
  • Housing Central is our student gateway for completing housing sign up/lease, forms such as request to live off campus, special accommodations, etc. Sign in using your university username and password.
  • Roommate Concerns: Remember to utilize your resident assistant and the roommate contract for any issues that may arise with your roommate.
  • Laundry Machine Not Working?: Post a sign on it and inform our laundry vendor immediately by calling 1-888-MAC-GRAY (1-888-622-4729) or reporting it online at Mac Gray's website.
  • Emergency Notification System: Make sure you are signed up at My Stetson (click on 'Students' then 'Hatter Alert Cell Phone' to complete the information).

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Vision Statement

Our communities foster student development and learning in a safe and inclusive environment through vibrant educational opportunities that challenge students to lead lives of significance.

Fast Facts

Housing and Residential Life features:

  • 24 Halls
  • 1,900 Residential Students
  • Animal-friendly housing
  • Gender-neutral housing (where available)
  • Four Themed Housing Communities
  • Three-year residency requirement
  • On-campus fraternity and sorority housing
  • Two buildings in the DeLand Historic District
  • 25 Cats, 32 Dogs and four small caged mammals