Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to live on campus at Stetson University?

Students apply online. Visit Housing Central for more information.

To successfully apply for housing you must complete the following steps:

  • Be admitted to Stetson University for the academic period requested.
  • Pay the $400 enrollment deposit and confirm with the Office of Admission your intent to attend Stetson University.
  • Receive an invitation to Housing Central three to five business days after you receive your Stetson University email address. Sign up and complete the University Housing Lease.
  • Maintain your registered student status by paying all university tuition and fees by the designated deadlines. Failure to adhere to deadlines could jeopardize your housing assignment.

Why should you live on campus?

Students who live on campus have greater opportunities to become involved not only in student organizations across campus, but with their residence hall and the people living with them. There is evidence showing that students living on campus have higher academic achievement, stay in school until graduation at higher rates and are generally more satisfied with their college experience. Recognizing this evidence, Stetson University requires students with less than 90 earned credit hours to live on campus.

Are new students guaranteed housing?

Our goal is for all new students who are admitted, pay their enrollment deposit and submit their University Housing Lease to be housed. If you delay deciding to attend, paying your deposit and/or submitting your University Housing Lease, it could affect whether or not you receive your top choice of residence halls or have on-campus housing. This could include a temporary assignment in a common area space for a short period, depending on the demand and the date of your deposit.

What are the housing options for new students?

Please visit the Our Residence Halls page in order to view our different communities and housing options.

How are students assigned rooms? How can I check my housing status?

Students are assigned a room based on when they paid their enrollment deposit and submitted their University Housing Agreement. Therefore it is to your advantage to apply as early as possible. You can check on your housing status through Housing Central.

Can I request a specific roommate choice?

Yes! Although we cannot guarantee that two roommates who request each other will be put together, we do our best to honor such requests based on space availability. To designate a preferred roommate on the online housing application you will need to know the preferred student's full name and whether they are a new or current* student. To increase the chances that you and your requested roommate are placed together, you will both need to mutually request each other and have the same building preferences.

* Given that some buildings have certain eligibility requirements and the Housing Sign Up process for current students occurs early in the spring, we may not be able to honor some roommate requests.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

Please visit the residence hall rates page for details on the cost of housing.

All first- and second-year students have to choose a meal plan.

Is there a residency requirement?

Stetson University has a three-year residency requirement (under 90 credit hours). In order to accommodate all students subject to that requirement with our current capacity we need to have most students over 90 credits live off campus. Student with over 90 credit hours can be wait-listed and will be given housing when/if housing becomes available. We cannot guarantee housing to these students.

However, there are four exceptions to the residency requirement. If you meet any one or more of these exceptions, you may request to live off campus:

  • The student has earned 90 or more credit hours by August 1.
  • The student is married or is in a same-sex domestic partnership by August 1 (documentation required).
  • The student turns 22 years of age or older by August 1.
  • The student resides with immediate family (defined as parents, grandparents, guardians or siblings not also enrolled at Stetson University). Proof of student residency is required.

If a student does not meet any of the four exceptions listed above, they can request to live off campus, but will need to provide supporting documentation with their petition, which will be reviewed by the Office of Housing and Residential Life. A decision will be made and the student will be notified via email. Students who do not adhere to the residence requirement policy and choose to live off-campus will be assessed a housing charge equal to the average two-semester rate for university housing for the applicable year of enrollment.

What items are allowed (and not allowed) on campus?

Now that you will be joining the Stetson residential community, we have compiled a list of items we suggest you bring and those that you leave at home. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but instead to give you a good idea as to what is and isn't allowed.

The list is divided into different areas to help you consider all the items you may want to bring with you. We encourage you to speak with your roommate, prior to moving in, about what each of you can bring to the room due to space and economic considerations.

What does Gender Neutral Housing mean? How does it work?

Definition of Gender Neutral Housing

At Stetson University, gender-neutral housing isn't just for GLBT students like at some other institutions. We recognize that many students benefit from being able to be in a room or apartment with students of another or multiple genders. Gender-neutral housing isn't segregated to a specific building or hallway; rather, it is an option that returning students self-select during housing sign-up. So whether you're looking to room with your best friend, cousin, twin or partner, we're open to that if you are. Gender neutral housing isn't a Living-Learning Community or a themed living environment, and it does not have specific programming for students involved because it's aimed at providing an option for students who could possibly live all across campus.

History of Gender Neutral Housing at Stetson University

Members of the Student Government Association (SGA) approached staff from Housing and Residential Life and other administration with the proposal for gender neutral housing. After discussion and research, we offered a pilot program with a number of students (most being involved in SGA themselves) in fall 2011. Seeing that this offered great benefit to students and another way that administration could say yes to student needs and desires, Housing and Residential Life moved forward with this being a permanent housing option soon after the conclusion of the pilot program.

What are my meal plan options?

Please see the Dining Services meal plans page for information on meal plan options.

What is my room assignment?

There is no need to call or email the office; you can view your assignment by logging on to Housing Central. If Housing and Residential Life just informed you of a change in person it may take a day for the update to be reflected in the database.

What are the dimensions of my room? Where is it in the building?

Students can find floor plans, layouts and room dimensions in Housing Central. They should go to the ‘More’ tab and then click ‘Documents.’

I'm a transgender or gender non-conforming student and need some guidance; where do I go?

For students who self-identify as gender non-conforming, transgender, queer, etc., the world has put up many barriers. We like to think that Stetson University's Housing and Residential Life isn't one of them. We do our best to allow you to experience housing sign-up like all other students; like all other students you can provide us your preferred gender and preferred name, too. If you'd like to call in for additional guidance or have questions about how you might navigate our process as a returner or an incoming first-year or transfer student, please email or call 386-822-7201. You might want to look at the question on Gender Neutral Housing above too; but know many options exist.

Can I bring my pet to campus?

Absolutely! Stetson University is a pet-friendly campus, offering some pet-friendly residence halls where you have the ability to bring your small dog, cat, gerbil, turtle, hamster or fish. Review the requirements and find out how to apply.

How can I purchase bed sheets or care packages for my student?

For your convenience Stetson University is partnered with On Campus Marketing, an outside vendor, who sends letters to parents/guardians about such products. You can reach them at 1-800-892-8741. Of course everybody is welcome to use other stores, companies and products. Review linen offers at

How do I report a broken laundry machine?

Post a sign on it and inform our laundry vendor immediately by calling 1-888-MAC-GRAY (888-622-4729) or reporting it online at Mac Gray's website. University Village Apartments and Stetson Cove machines should be reported to the SchoolDude system.

What are financial considerations off-campus?

For students who meet the criteria to request to live off campus a search of nearby apartments or houses might give you a lower rent rate, but please consider that there are many other factors involved with living off campus in which the cost is hard to calculate. These factors include:

  • Living within walking distance to all campus buildings
  • Easy access to on-campus dining options where you don't need to cook or clean your dishes
  • The safety and security of our buildings, which are monitored by Public Safety and Housing and Residential Life staff
  • No additional utility bills (cable, wired/wireless internet, water, electricity, heating and laundry are all included)
  • Repairs within 24 to 48 hours after a request is submitted
  • Trash and recycling is picked up just down the hallway from you

Are there specific emergency response procedures for students with disabilities?

Working with Public Safety and the Academic Success Center, Housing and Residential Life has created a guide for Emergency Response Procedures for Students with Disabilities.