Stetson University

Building a Safe Community

Round-the-Clock Protection

The Office of Public Safety is located at 405 North Amelia Avenue and provides protection and security-related services to the campus community. Officers and dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and aid with the enforcement of federal, state and local statutes and university regulations. The patrol section includes 14 full-time employees and two part-time employees.


Protecting the Campus Community

Since Stetson University's Public Safety personnel are not police officers, they primarily protect the Stetson University community from outside threats by limiting campus access to authorized students, faculty, staff, their guests and friends of the university. It is the responsibility of these officers to provide continuous patrols of university property and facilities to deter acts of crime and detect when criminal activity occurs. Officers respond to and follow up on all reports of crime. In addition to their patrol services, officers investigate traffic accidents, assist in medical emergencies, provide motorist assistance services, provide physical security support services, enforce traffic and parking regulations and provide security services for many campus activities and events.

Partnering With Local Law Enforcement

The Office of Public Safety has an excellent relationship with and the support of local law enforcement agencies. Reports of criminal activity are routinely provided to and investigated by the DeLand Police Department. DeLand police officers regularly patrol campus streets and the surrounding areas.


Blue-Light Telephones

The blue-light telephone network exists for your safety and convenience. The phones are marked by a blue light above the phone and are typically located in a grey, weatherproof box.

In an emergency press the red button to automatically dial Public Safety.

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