Stetson University

Crime Reporting

Stetson University encourages all faculty, staff and students to report all criminal incidents, threats, serious injuries, property loss, accidents, safety hazards, etc., to the Office of Public Safety. To report a crime or emergency, call Public Safety at 386-822-7300. Trained dispatchers and officers are available 24 hours a day to respond to emergency calls. In the event of an immediate threat, danger, injury or crime in progress, dial 911 for assistance from DeLand police, fire or emergency medical personnel.

The Office of Public Safety works closely with city, county and state law enforcement agencies to better serve Stetson University. Regular meetings are held with these agencies, both on a formal and informal basis, and crime-related reports and statistics are routinely exchanged.

Ongoing efforts are made to advise members of the campus community about campus crime and crime-related problems. These efforts include a column, "Stetson Beat", published in the the Stetson Reporter. The article includes crime reports, safety tips and news from the Office of Public Safety.

Special Alerts

As circumstances warrant, special crime alerts are prepared and distributed either selectively or throughout the campus. Please do not hesitate to contact Public Safety with information regarding any security concerns on campus.

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