Palm Court

Stetson University In the News

Feb. 3-9

Top News:

  • Clay Henderson, J.D., executive director of Stetson University’s Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience, was quoted in the article, “Mosquito Lagoon a little more clear, improvement plan in works.” According to Henderson, more field research needs to be done before what is actually happening in the lagoon can be determined, posted by The Daytona Beach News-Journal on Feb. 1.
  • Gerard Marino, former Stetson University student and Interactive Academy Award winner, will be returning to Stetson to debut new music. Marino’s performance will be for the Stetson School of Music’s Sounds New concert series, which showcases new music and artists. The event is Friday, Feb. 10, at 7:30 p.m., in Lee Chapel (located in Elizabeth Hall), posted by Capital Soup on Feb. 3 and Publicnow on Feb. 6.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article, “ Earnings: Record Revenue Can’t Lift AMZN Stock, Shares Plunge.” Ma commented that the recent return on Amazon shareholders’ investments has been long awaited and highly necessary to ensure further growth in market share, posted by Yahoo Finance and other outlets Feb. 3.
  • Stephen Robinson, professor of music at Stetson University, will give a classical guitar performance at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Ozark on Friday, Feb. 10, at 7 p.m., posted by Dothan (Ala.) Eagle Online on Feb. 3.
  • Nicholas Pearson, former Stetson University student, had a meet-and-greet/book signing on Tuesday, Feb. 7. Pearson discussed his latest projects and the spirituality of mineral studies, posted by Publicnow on Feb. 6.
  • “Ain’t I A Woman!” came to Stetson University on Tuesday, Feb. 7, and focused on the struggle of African American women throughout history. It was part of the Stetson’s Black History Month celebration, posted by Publicnow on Feb. 6.
  • Tonya Curran, director of Stetson University’s Homer and Dolly Hand Art Center, was featured in the article “A Woman’s Work: Balancing Printmaking And Homemaking On Feb. 9.” Throughout the piece, she provides her opinion on “Prints by Women,” posted by Publicnow on Feb. 6.
  • Christopher Ferguson, Ph.D., psychology professor at Stetson University, was featured in the article, “More screen time for kids isn’t all that bad.” According to Dr. Ferguson, increased television viewing is not inherently bad for children. Furthermore, he argues that strict attention to limited screen time by policy makers is uncalled for, posted by Health Medici Net and other outlets Feb. 7.
  • Christopher Ferguson, Ph.D., Stetson University psychology professor, was featured in the article, “Study finds negligible link between excessive screen time and depression, delinquency among teenagers.” Ferguson argues that increased hours of media viewing does not have any noteworthy adverse effects on children, posted by Health Medici Net Feb. 8.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article, “Analysts And Skeptics: Why Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Won’t Be On Schedule.” Ma remarked that the alleged delay of the Tesla Model 3 release was designed to build marketing suspense, posted by Inside Evs Feb. 8.
  • Christopher Ferguson, Ph.D., psychology professor at Stetson University, was quoted in the article, “Up to six hours of screen time doesn’t harm kids after all.” According to Dr. Ferguson, “Data from the current study suggests that children are resilient to screen consumption for up to six hours daily,” posted by The Newsletter and other outlets Feb. 9.

Other News:

  • The Feb. 2 Tampa Bay Times profiles the work of Stetson’s Clemency Project class.
  • ABC Action News Feb. 1 features an interview with Law Adjunct Professor and Overseer Arturo Rios, who discussed the impact of the immigration ban.
  • Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy is quoted in the Feb. 7 SCOTUSblog regarding her article for the Brennan Center on Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch’s campaign finance jurisprudence.
  • Law Professor Peter Lake is quoted in the Feb. 8 Chronicle of Higher Education article, “Betsy DeVos Survived a Historic Confirmation Fight. What’s Next for Higher Ed?” Professor Lake is also quoted in the Feb. 8 Chronicle article, “How a 20-Page Letter Changed the Way Higher Education Handles Sexual Assault.”
  • The Florida Bar reports that Pamela Wiener Dubrule, who oversees Stetson law students in the clinic program, received the 2016 Jane Shaeffer Outstanding Homeless Advocate Award from The Florida Bar’s Public Interest Law Section at the Bar’s Winter Meeting in Orlando.
  • The Feb. 2 24-7 Press Release newswire reports that Stetson has won the Chester Bedell competition in news that appeared in multiple media outlets.
  • Stetson is mentioned in a Feb. 7 Tampa Bay Newswire article about a USF student who plans to attend the law school.
  • Stetson is mentioned in a Feb. 8 St. Petersburg College Blog article about Bay Pines VA Healthcare System, collaborating with Bay Area Legal Services, Gulfcoast Legal Services, and Stetson University College of Law’s Veterans Law Institute to form their new program, Medical-Legal Partnership, to offer legal representation/consultation for Veterans at no cost.

Alumni News:

  • Mike Haridopolos, Stetson alum, was covered in the piece, “Mike Haridopolos Q&A: Citizens Want To See Real Changes In DC That Positively Impact Their Lives.” The story covered Haridopolos political career since graduating from Stetson in 1992, posted by Space Coast Feb. 9.
  • According to the Feb. 6 Florida Politics and State Capital News Feed, Former Pinellas County Assistant State Attorney Berny Jacques is seriously considering a run for the state House District 66 seat.

Jan. 27-Feb. 2

Top Stories:

  • Noel Painter, Ph.D., was featured in several media outlets after being appointed Stetson University’s new executive vice president and provost. Painter has been a notable faculty member since 1999, and served as associate dean for the School of Music from 2007-2016, posted by Daytona Beach News-Journal Online on Jan. 23, the Orlando Sentinel on Jan. 27 and My Palm Beach Post on Jan. 29.
  • David A. de’Silva, Ph.D. will give his lecture “Grace: the Free Gift that Costs Us Everything” at Stetson University on Feb. 2. The author of 25 novels, de’Silva is the Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio. The lecture, free and open to the public, will be held in the Carlton Union Building at 7 p.m., posted by Capital Soup Jan. 26.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article, “Here’s Why the Tesla Model 3 May Not Debut in 2017.” Ma commented that Tesla Motors retracted its statement that the Tesla Model 3 would be released in late 2017 for marketing suspense, posted by Yahoo and other sources Jan. 26.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article, “Can Facebook Start 2017 With an Earnings Bang?” As analysts anticipate a decrease in Facebook revenue overall, Ma said new user-engaging tactics will increase ad revenue, posted by U.S. News & World Report and other media Jan. 30.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., finance professor, was quoted in the article, “7 Stocks That Could Save Your Portfolio.” As tobacco prices continue to soar annually, Ma explained that pricing adjustments for addictive products are made at the discretion of the company, making them resistant to changes in the economy as a whole, posted by Yahoo Finance and other outlets Feb. 1.
  • Jil Gossard-Cook, four-time Emmy winning producer, was covered in the story, “Jil Gossard-Cook Is the Only Full-Time Female Producer in the NBA. Here’s What She Wants You to Know.” Stetson alum, and former member of Stetson’s golf team, Cook acknowledged that during her time at Stetson, she landed an internship with the Orlando Magic that changed her life, posted by Glamour Magazine on Feb. 1.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, offered his opinion on Facebook Inc. stock in the article, “Facebook Inc. (FB) Stock: Q4 Earnings Crush Expectations.” Facebook stocks are currently at an all-time high, having risen 15% since Jan. 1. Ma sees secondary Facebook outlets like Instagram and WhatsApp as the source of the long-term growth, posted by Yahoo Finance and other outlets Feb. 1.

Other News:

  • Law adjunct professor and overseer Art Rios spoke with the Bay News 9 for a Jan. 30 broadcast on President Trump’s Immigration ban. Rios also did an interview with ABC Action News on the immigration ban’s impact on Florida residents for a Feb. 1 broadcast.
  • Law Professors Theresa Pulley Radwan and Louis Virelli spoke with the Tampa Bay Times for the Jan. 29 article, “St. Pete entrepreneur Bill Edwards dogged by lawsuit seeking to freeze assets.” Professor Virelli also did a live interview with the RadioActivity program on WMNF and with 970WFLA Radio on Feb. 1 about President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court justice.
  • Law Professor Louis Virelli also did a Skype Interview with Bay News 9 regarding the nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. It aired Jan. 31 at 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 p.m. and on the Overnight News.
  • The Jan. 31 24-7 press release service reports that 10 Stetson Law students won clemency for their clients. Story was picked up by several local news outlets.
  • News of Stetson students winning the Chester Bedell competition ran in several media outlets via the 24-7 press release service.
  • St. Petersburg College Veterans Services posted news of the upcoming signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for a new Medial Legal Partnership Program with Stetson University College of Law, the Veterans Administration, Bay Area Legal Services, and Gulfcoast Legal Services.
  • Secretary of Labor nominee Andy Puzder wrote an article in the Stetson Law Journal in 1984, according to the Hill on Feb. 2.

Alumni News:

  • Author Jacquel Clark was featured in the piece, “Book of the Week: The Lethal Equation (Jacquel Clark).” A double Hatter, Clark had a successful career as an accountant for over twenty-five years before retiring to pursue a career as an independent writer, posted by No Shelf Required Jan. 26.
  • Nicholas Pearson was featured in the piece, “’The Seven Archetypal Stones’ author Nicholas Pearson.” As an undergraduate student at Stetson University, Pearson discovered his passion for mineral studies while pursuing a degree in music. For the past two decades, he has dedicated his life to studying stones, and has published several notable works, posted by Blog Talk Radio Jan. 26.
  • Frank Bell was recently covered in the piece, “Profile of Frank Bell Founder & Chair of Intellinet.” After earning his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Stetson University, his deep interest in the technological era prompted Bell to found Intellinet, a software development firm, which has been praised for its innovation since 1993, posted by Plus Company Updates Jan. 26.
  • Louis DeJoy, president of LDJ Global Strategies, LLC, was acknowledged in the article, “Elon to honor Louis DeJoy for entrepreneurial leadership.” A former Hatter, DeJoy will be honored by Elon University with the University Medal for Entrepreneurship on March 1, posted by Elon University on Feb. 1.
  • TampaGov reported on Jan. 31 that Mayor Bob Buckhorn appointed Law alumnus Sal Territo as the next City Attorney. The news was reported in several media outlets.
  • According to the Jan. 27 Commercial Property Executive article, Law alumnus William Gulliford was promoted to senior managing director for CBRE North Florida.
  • The Florida Bar reports on Jan 26, “Public Interest Law Section has selected attorney, Law alumna, Pamela Wiener Dubrule, a resident of Pinellas County, to receive the 2016 Jane Shaeffer Outstanding Homeless Advocate Award.”
  • A Tampa Bay Times Jan. 30 article reports “Pinellas County Attorney and Law alumnus, Jim Bennett, is set to retire after 33 years.”
  • Law alumna Kristin Grove has joined JLL as VP of National Retail Leasing according to Chain Storage.
  • Law alumnus Michael Dolce wrote an opinion article for the Jan. 31 Hill, “Say no to restorative justice for sex offenders.”

Jan. 20-26

Top Stories:

  • Katya Kudryavtseva, Ph.D., professor of art history, will be hosting an event on Feb. 6 at 4 p.m., centered on the rise and history of “deco fashion,” when women “abandoned the corsets of the 1910s for the flowing flapper dresses of Roaring Twenties.” The event will take place in the DeBary Public Library, 200 N. Charles R. Beall Blvd., DeBary, posted by US Official News Jan. 19.
  • Eugene Huskey, Ph.D., professor of political science, was quoted in the article “Comrades or combatants? Stetson prof talks of U.S.-Russia relations.” Having studied Russia since the 1960s and traveled to the country more than 20 times, Huskey answered questions regarding the current and future fate of Russian relations with the United States, posted by The Daytona Beach News-Journal Jan. 18.
  • Clay Henderson, executive director of the Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience at Stetson University, spoke on the topic “Water Challenges” at the Trout Lake Nature Center to educate Florida residents on their impact on water, posted by Orlando Sentinel Jan. 19.
  • Law Adjunct professor and overseer Richard Harrison spoke with the Tampa Bay Times for the Jan. 20 article, “Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board plays fast and loose with disciplinary process.”
  • Law Professor Stacey-Rae Simcox is quoted in the Jan. 23 Orlando Sentinel article, “Accused airport shooter was troubled veteran who slipped through the cracks.” Professor Simcox is quoted in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, “Safety net failed troubled veteran.”
  • Law Adjunct Professor James Lake is quoted in the Jan. 23 WTSP 10 News story, “First Amendment Lawyer: Madonna White House comments not illegal.”
  • Law Professor Louis Virelli spoke with the Tampa Bay Times for the Jan. 23 article, “Pinellas judge removed from case over alleged animosity toward defense lawyer.”

Other News:

  • Stephen Robinson, professor of music and classical guitarist, will perform Feb. 10 at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Ozark first spring 2017 classical guitar concert. Free to the public, the event is located at at 427 Camilla Ave., Ozark, posted by Dothan Eagle Jan. 19.
  • Law Professor Peter Lake is quoted in the Jan. 23 Indianapolis Star, Evansville Courier and Press article,”BSU raises issues with regulations.”
  • Professor Peter Lake is quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education Jan. 23 article, “After a Tumultuous 7 Years, Teresa Sullivan Will Leave UVa.”
  • Professor Peter Lake is quoted in the Jan. 25 Harvard Crimson article, “More Than Two-Thirds of Undergrads Complete Sexual Assault Training Module.”
  • Law Professor Michael Allen is quoted in the Jan. 24 Florida Bar News article, “Legislators receive a death penalty education.”
  • The Jan. 26 MyInforms press release reports that 10 Stetson Law students won clemency for their clients. Story was picked up by several local news outlets.
  • The Tampa Bay Times and other media outlets reported on Stetson Law’s spring biodiversity lecture series.
  • The Jan. 21 Bay News 9 and Patch reported on Stetson’s Wills for Warriors program in February.
  • The Jan. 25 EIN Presswire reports that former Stetson Law Dean Darby Dickerson has been named one of the most influential leaders in legal education by the National Jurist.
  • According to the Jan. 24 University of West Florida Voyager, Stetson sponsored the Sixth Annual Argo Invitational Mock Trial Tournament at UWF.

Alumni News:

  • Katrin Dagge was featured in the piece “Katrin Dagge: The Rewarding and Fun World of Dressage,” where her passion and skill for dressage became her career. After graduating Stetson with bachelor degrees in International Business and Finance, Dagge went on to win the 2014 USEF Young Adult Brentina Cup Dressage National Championship at age 22 and her USDF lifetime achievement awards by age 25, posted by Sidelinesnews Jan. 23.
  • Rev. Frederick Newbill was recently appointed by Mayor Lenny Curry to serve on the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Board of Directors. With a bachelor degree in science from Stetson University and pastor of First Timothy Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Rev. Newbill has background in both the mechanics and community for this position, posted by US Official News Jan. 24.
  • Double Hatter Alison M. Steele was featured in the article, “New appointments involving HSN, WellCare Health Plans and Cushman & Wakefield head this week’s list of Tampa Bay business Movers & Shakers” over her moving her practice to Alison M. Steele, P.A. in St. Petersburg, posted by Tampa Bay Jan. 19.
  • Jamie Watson’s do’s and don’ts of selling a company was featured in the article, “A Blueprint For Selling Your Company,” as a business services member. With a bachelor degree in business administration, Watson consults with promotional products companies, posted by PPAI Publications Jan 19.
  • The Jan. 23 Florida Bar News reports that Law alumna Adriana Dinis of the Immigration Law Group of Florida has won a law firm commendation for pro bono work from the Supreme Court of Florida.
  • According to the Jan. 22 Orlando Sentinel, Law alumnus Glenn M. Woodworth has died.
  • The Jan. 19 PublicNow reports that Law alumna Kathleen McLeroy won the William Reece Smith Jr. Public Service Award, given by Stetson University College of Law.
  • Law alumnus Lee Speronis will be a presenter in the second workshop of the Smart Business Seminar Series hosted by Husson University and the law firm of Eaton Peabody, according to the Jan. 25 Bangor Daily News.

Jan. 13-19

Top Stories:

  • Stetson University’s annual MLK Breakfast was featured in the article, “Martin Luther King Jr. honored in Volusia and Flagler,” where attendees participated in a march to a festival at Earl Brown Park in DeLand, while singing and carrying banners with images of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barack Obama, posted by The Daytona Beach News-Journal Jan. 16.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article, “Samsung Shoots for the Stars After Galaxy Note 7 Disaster,” noting that, despite the inevitable low first-quarter sales, there is room for Samsung’s redemption through the excitement over the new Galaxy S8, indicating that consumers will trust the company again, posted by Yahoo News and several other outlets Jan. 17.
  • Christopher Ferguson, Ph.D., associate psychology professor and psychology department chair, was quoted in the article, “National grant to train principals on bullying,” noting that, although addressing bullying is an important step, the attention and hype can become a negative force through the accusation of bullying being a form of threat, posted by the Triangle Tribune and several other outlets Jan. 18.

Other News:

  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article, “7 Tips to Recover From Holiday Overspending,” noting that one of the pros to investing in Netflix is its strong programming and high quality content, posted by US News and World Report Dec 5.

Alumni News:

  • Eric Hogan was featured in the opinion piece, “Laurence Reisman: Remember those old wheat pennies?” where after graduating Stetson University, his hobby of coin collecting became a career, currently authenticating vintage coins at Numismatic Guaranty Corp, posted by the TC Palm Jan. 14.
  • Meg Harrington was featured in the article, “Love of art brought designers together,” founder of Huff Harrington Fine Art Home alongside Anna Huff, where their passion for design and similar European backgrounds forged a successful company, posted by AJC Jan. 14.

Jan. 6-12

Top Stories:

  • Alan Green, professor and chair of the economics department at Stetson University, wrote a column for the Tampa Bay Times on Jan. 10 entitled, “How to fix the health care market.” He writes that repealing the Affordable Care Act would be “shortsighted and destructive,” and would make millions of Americans “suffer without health insurance while the wealthy save money on their taxes.”
  • K.C. Ma, the Roland George Chair of Applied Investments and Director of the Roland George Investments Institute, was quoted in TheStreet on Jan. 10 in an article entitled, “How Investors Can Generate Yields from MLPs.” Ma said when oil prices and interest rates are low, master limited partnerships (MLPs) can provide attractive dividend yields.
  • New York Online’s Science of Us wrote an article, “There’s a Problem With a Bunch of Psychology Textbooks,” that cited a paper in Current Psychology, co-authored by Stetson Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Psychology, Christopher Ferguson, about his study of introductory psychology textbooks that found many contained references to urban legends that had been debunked or controversial ideas that have been called into question, such as a connection between media violence and real-life behavior. Other online media have reported on the study, as well.
  • Valrie Chambers, associate professor of Accounting at Stetson University, co-authored a guest blog article for American Institute of CPAs Insights entitled, “Earlier Date for Information Returns Brings Penalty Risk,” on Jan. 6 about a new Jan. 31 deadline “for filing Forms W-2 with the Social Security Administration and 1099-MISC (when reporting nonemployee compensation payments in box 7) with the IRS. The earlier deadline will allow faster matching of W-2 and 1099 information with tax returns, which helps combat identity and refund theft.”
  • Art & Antiques Magazine ran a number of painting by Oscar Bluemner and credited the Vera Bluemner Kouba Collection at Stetson University in DeLand. The magazine wrote a story, entitled “Oscar Bluemner: The Vermillionaire,” which profiles his life and artistic style.
  • Law Professor Tim Kaye is quoted in the Jan. 9 Tampa Bay Times article, “Driving death of football star Holloway showcases bar’s responsibilities.”
  • Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy is quoted in the Jan. 11 Bloomberg BNA article, “‘Soft Money’ Era Not Back Yet as Few Companies Contribute.”
  • Law Professor Michael Allen is quoted in the Jan. 11 WFSU Radio story, “FL House Begins Mulling Death Penalty Changes.” Professor Allen is quoted in the Jan. 10 Florida Politics story, “Former death row prisoner appears before House panel.”
  • Law Professor Peter Lake is quoted in the Jan. 12 Inside Higher Ed article, “Higher ed leaders muted in response to Texas bathroom bill.”

Other News:

  • Virginia Monte, co-founder of the two-year-old theatrical company, WallByrd Theatre, in Rochester was profiled in Rochester City Newspaper on Jan. 11. Monte, who graduated with a degree in fine arts from Stetson, has directed a number of its plays.
  • Jacob Behara has joined the 2017 coaching staff for Minor League Baseball with the Greeneville Astros. Behara has previously worked with Stetson University as an assistant strength and conditioning coach, according to a news release in OurSports Central, which covers Minor League sport news, and other media outlets.
  • W.D. Crowder, who received a B.A. in History, has helped write an online Financial Dictionary that recently reached the milestone of having 600 financial terms. The website says the site is updated weekly and provides “the most common financial terms plan and simple explained.” A news release about the milestone appeared on on Jan. 11 and was carried by multiple media outlets.
  • The Jan. 6 24-7 press release service ran news via the wire about Stetson Law’s upcoming part-time law school open houses that appeared in multiple media outlets.
  • The Jan. 10 Plus Company Updates reports that Greta Van Susteren, who holds an honorary doctor of law degree from Stetson, has joined MSNBC.
  • The Leadville Herald Democrat reports that Law student Boone Forkner is attending Stetson with a scholarship.
  • According to the Jan. 12 University of West Florida Voyager, UWF will host the sixth annual mock trial tournament sponsored by Stetson Law.

Alumni in the News:

  • William Randall, “Randy,” Walford, who graduated from Stetson University and played on the baseball team, died Jan. 7. He met his wife Sylvia Blake at Stetson, and they were married nearly 57 years, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.
  • Robert A. D’Angio, Sr., who received his received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stetson University, passed away Jan. 9. He was a was a long time educator and coach in Palm Beach County, according to the Palm Beach Post.
  • Mary Redman Carpenter, who graduated from Stetson University, passed away Jan. 1 at her home in Port Orange, according to the West Orange Times & Observer.
  • The Jan. 5 Florida Bar reports that Law adjunct Kathlyn Mackovjak and Law alumna Adriana Dinis of the Immigration Law Group of Florida are receiving a commendation for their pro bono work. The Florida Bar also reports that Law alumna Jennifer Edwards is the recipient of the 2017 Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Pro Bono Service Award.
  • Law alumnus Jay Wolfson is featured in the Jan. 11 BBC News discussing the future of healthcare in the U.S.
  • The Jan. 5 Florida Weekly-Naples features Law alumnus Mike McDonnell in the article, “A life well lived: Mike McDonnell loved his family, the law and music.”
  • According to the Jan. 6 Tampa Bay Newswire, Law alumna Anisha Patel, an associate at Hill Ward Henderson, has been elected to the Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Board of Governors.
  • The Jan. 6 News-Press features an article about Law alumnus Representative Julio Gonzalez, “Legislature wants power to overrule judges.”

Dec. 14-Jan. 5

Top Stories:

  • Stetson University was recognized as a model for its use of prepaid debit cards for students’ college-sponsored accounts, according to a report to Congress from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Stories about the report and Stetson appeared in The New York Times, US Officials News and other media outlets, Dec. 15-16.
  • Stetson University hired University of Maine baseball coach Steve Trimper as its new head baseball coach, according to the Portland Press Herald and numerous other media outlets on Dec. 16-17.
  • Will Mason, ’14, co-founder of San Francisco-based UploadVR, was named Jan. 3 as one of the “Forbes 30 under 30: Media” for 2017, a list that identifies “today’s leading young change-makers and innovators in the U.S.,” according to Forbes. Mason was named with Upload co-founder Taylor Freeman, 26, and is editor in chief of the company’s editorial site, which focuses on accelerating growth of the consumer virtual-reality industry and hosts events to help bring virtual reality to the public. Mason graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from Stetson.
  • A story in the Sunshine State News on Dec. 27 and other media outlets in Florida listed the alma mater of the state’s top legislators and noted two Stetson graduates: Senate President Joe Negron,a Stuart Republican, and Sen. Jack Latvala, a Clearwater Republican and the Senate budget chairman.
  • Stetson University history major Mari Hanley will appear on the Jeopardy! College Tournament, which will be taped Jan. 8-12, according to the on Dec. 27, and numerous other media outlets nationwide, including The Charlotte Observer Online, the Fresno Bee Online and the Associated Press. The tournament is set to air Feb. 13-24.
  • K.C. Ma, the Roland George Chair of Applied Investments and Director of the Roland George Investments Institute, was quoted in an article in U.S. News & World Report on Dec. 20, entitled “Key Indicators Show a Robust Economy in 2017.” In a slideshow that accompanied the article, Ma said he does not expect a long-term slump ahead because the markets currently aren’t in a bubble, like the housing bubble of 2008, which brought a market meltdown and a slow recovery.
  • K.C. Ma, the Roland George Chair of Applied Investments and Director of the Roland George Investments Institute, was quoted in an article, entitled “How Investors Can Generate Higher Returns From the January Effect,” in TheStreet on Jan. 4. “The well-known ‘January effect’ refers to the stocks’ superior returns during January,” Ma said.
  • The British Psychological Society’s Research Digest mentioned Christopher Ferguson, Stetson Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Psychology, in an article on Dec. 22, citing an article that Ferguson co-authored in Current Psychology on Dec. 15 that found introductory psychology textbooks “have difficulty covering controversial topics with care, and that whether intentionally or not, they are frequently presenting students with a liberal-leaning, over-simplified perspective, as well propagating or failing to challenge myths and urban legends,” Research Digest wrote. Stories about the study appeared in other media outlets, including HeatStreet on Dec. 28.
  • A study conducted by Christopher Ferguson, Stetson Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Psychology, was cited in a story in the New York Post on Dec. 19, entitled “Why violent video games are good for kids.” The study showed “video-games actually caused real-life violence to decrease,” according to the story.
  • Valrie Chambers, Stetson Associate Professor of Accounting, co-authored an article, entitled “Theft Loss Eligibility Is Broader for Estates Than for Individuals,” in The Tax Adviser on Jan. 1, 2017, explaining the IRS codes and court cases that govern how taxpayers and estates can take a theft loss when a company commits fraud.
  • Hari Pulapaka, Stetson Associate Professor of Math and Computer Science, and his wife Jennifer Pulapaka were mentioned in an article, “The Worst Food Trends Of 2016, According To A Pissed-Off Chef,” in Food Republic and received a good review (“overdue”) for their efforts to reduce food waste at their downtown DeLand restaurant, Cress Restaurant, and help install a high-temperature composter at Stetson University.
  • Law Professor Charles Rose is quoted in the Dec. 20 Tampa Bay Times article, “Police Search Raises Debate,” and in the Dec. 26 Daytona Beach News-Journal story, “Study: Firearm killings climb in years since Florida’s stand your ground enacted.”
  • Law Professor Judith Scully is quoted in the Dec. 19 Tampa Bay Times article, “Pinellas case highlights questions over kids’ ability to consent to police search.”
  • Law Professor Paul Boudreaux wrote an opinion article about abolishing the Electoral College that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel and Palm Beach Post.
  • Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy’s paper, Dark Money As a Political Sovereignty Problem
ranked no. 4 among top downloads on the topic of election law in SSRN for Oct. 22-Dec. 21, and was mentioned in the Election Law Blog on Dec. 21.

Other News:

  • Stetson University’s Director of Wellness and Recreation, Colleen Vanderlip, was quoted in a story by the Private University Product and News (PUPN) in the December issue about Stetson implementing programs and providing resources to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle among its students.
  • Colton Lightner, an infielder for the Stetson University baseball team, was featured in a story on Dec. 20 in The Sarasota Herald-Tribune about college and pro baseball players hosting a holiday, youth baseball clinic in Venice.
  • Stetson University students Braden Mattingly, of Perry, FL, and Collin Settnek, of Marienville, PA, are registered to compete in the 2017 YETI FLW College Fishing tournament season that will kick off Jan. 14 at Lake Seminole in Bainbridge, GA, for the first of three regular-season stops in the Southeastern Conference. A full field of college teams will be competing for a top award of $2,000 and a berth in the 2018 College Fishing National Championship, as reported by WOLO-TV, the ABC News affiliate in Columbia, S.C., on Jan. 4 and other media outlets.
  • Kimberly Flint-Hamilton, professor and chairwoman of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Stetson University, was hired by Lawrence University in New York as the associate dean for diversity and inclusion after a national search, according to The Journal on Dec. 22 and Inside Higher Ed. She starts her new job in January, the article said.
  • Stetson University student Elizabeth Triece hosted two podcasts of Renown Belief on Faith Fit Radio on the Diocese of Orlando website during Advent in November and December, discussing such topics as her upcoming graduation from Stetson, how God has a plan for her and everyone, and how students could focus on the true meaning of Christmas during final exams.
  • Manatee High School quarterback A.J. Colagiovanni announced his commitment on Twitter on Dec. 21 to play football for Stetson University, according to the Bradenton Herald. “He polished off his senior season with 2,384 passing yards, 30 touchdowns and 255 rushing yards this past fall,” the newspaper reported.
  • Stetson University lacrosse player Lauren McDonald was quoted Dec. 16 in the Naperville Sun (in Naperville, Ill.) about the school district there considering adding the sport at three high schools. McDonald said the sport opened up many opportunities for her in high school and college.
  • Sarasota artist Kevin Costello, who lectures in the Elderhostel program at Stetson University, was quoted Dec. 27 in an article, entitled, “On a Mission to Turn Florida Retirees Into Entrepreneurs,” on, a national public media website, and on
  • The Dec. 29 Future Lawyer reports that former law professor William McKinley “Mickey” Smiley has died, and a family memorial will be held at Stetson Law in Gulfport.
  • News of the upcoming Wills for Warriors program at Stetson has run in the Gulfport Gabber.

Alumni in the News:

  • Timothy O’Keefe, CPA, was recently appointed the dean of the College of Business at the University of West Florida after being the interim dean since fall 2013, according to the Voyager on Jan. 4. O’Keefe graduated from Stetson University with a bachelor’s in business administration.
  • Jessica Cogo has joined the Palm Coast Chiropractic Center as a chiropractor, according to a press release Dec. 23. She graduated from Stetson University with a bachelor’s in Health Science with a minor in Psychology and Biology.
  • According to the Jan. 4 State Capital News Feed, Law alumnus Bob Dillinger has announced his last term as Pinellas/Pasco public defender.
  • According to the Jan. 3 Tampa Bay Newswire, Law alumnus and Tampa associate Christopher Cavaliere has been elected to the Board of Directors of Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts (TBBCA).
  • The Dec. 27 Sarasota Herald-Tribune mentions Law alumnus Rep. Julio Gonzalez, R-Venice, who filed proposal (HJR 121) to allow overrides of court rulings, for consideration during the 2017 legislative session.
  • According to the Dec. 24 State Capitol News Feed and SaintPetersBlog, Law alumna Allison Steele is leaving the St. Petersburg law firm she has helped build, Rahdert, and going solo.
  • According to the Dec. 24 Satellite PR News, Law alumna Mary King attended a CLE on tax and probate in Orlando.
  • The Dec. 18 Florida Business Daily announced that Law alumna Jessica Dareneau, a former insurance defense attorney, has been announced as the newest hire for Lumina Analytics.

Dec. 2-15

Top Stories

  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article “These IPOs May Be Huge Hits in 2017,” noting that although Uber is forecasted to be a largely valued initial public offering, the company needs to control its losses, posted by Yahoo News and several other outlets Dec. 5.
  • Matt Wilson, Ed.D, associate professor of sport business, was quoted in the article “Review of Big Ten athletic contracts finds team performance valued more than academic performance,” noting that while there are incentives for athletes to achieve in competition, there are fewer incentives for athletes’ academic achievement, posted by The Lantern Dec. 5.
  • Stetson University College of Law professor Charles Rose was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times article “14-year-old charged with first degree murder in death of elderly Pasco County man” on Dec. 11. Rose commented on Florida’s historical stance on treating juveniles convicted of first-degree murder no differently than adults.
  • Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, Stetson law professor and a campaign finance expert, was quoted in NJ Advance Media for on Dec. 12 about the lobbying practices of companies and associations regarding birth-control contraceptives. Such practices, she said, could result in companies working at cross-purposes with themselves.
  • After 37 years at the helm of Stetson baseball, head coach Pete Dunn announced his retirement on Dec. 12, as reported by several sports outlets, such as Dunn was inducted into the American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2014.
  • Law Professor Judith Scully joined the Dec. 12 MidPoint program on WMNF, discussing the minimum age for juveniles. Scully co-coordinates the Social Justice Advocacy Program and the pro bono program, and directs the Innocence Initiative at Stetson.
  • George Winsten, an environmental science student at Stetson, was interviewed on the Dec. 15 Yale Climate Connections radio show. Winsten commented on Florida’s rising shores (Florida City Prepares for Rising Seas). Yale Climate Connections consists of 90-second stories about how people are responding to our warming world. The show airs five days a week on approximately 260 radio stations.

Other news

  • The recently published International Jurist magazine featured a Q&A article with Stetson law student Robert Glenn, who attended Stetson’s winter intercession Cayman Islands program.
  • K.C. Ma, Ph.D., professor of finance, was quoted in the article “Pros and Cons of Buying Netflix Stock” noting that a pro in investing in Netflix is its strong programming and high quality content, posted by US News & World Report Dec 5.
  • The Dec. 8 WUSF News reported that “Stetson Offers Older Veterans Free Will Services.” The article noted that for a fifth year Stetson University College of Law is offering free will services to older veterans and their spouses who need to draft a will or end-of-life directives.
  • According to the Dec. 9 Florida Record, Stetson participated in a biannual Florida law clinic with students from the Cayman Islands. The November 2016 Caribbean Law Clinic was organized by the American and Caribbean Law Initiative, an association comprised of six Southern U.S. law schools and four Caribbean law schools.
  • The Dec. 9 Chaffee County Times, published in Buena Vista, Colo., reported that Boone Forkner earned a scholarship to Stetson University College of Law. Forkner, of Buena Vista, graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. degree in political science.
  • According to the Legal Writing Prof Blog on Dec. 12, Stetson University College of Law seeks applicants for a visiting professor position to teach legal research and writing in its nationally ranked first-year legal research and writing curriculum during Fall 2017 or Spring 2018, or both.

Alumni news

  • Lisa Loomis was named administrator of the Palm Beach Police Foundation. Graduating from Stetson with a bachelor’s in administration and working as a university development and admissions representative, Loomis’ experience in coordinating and organizing events was cited for the role by The Palm Beach Post, Dec. 4.
  • Alina Siegrist, graduating cum laude at Stetson with a bachelor’s in international business and Russian studies in 2013, was featured in the article “A landowner who wants to build affordable housing.” The story included an interview with her father, Ronald Siegrist, on his economic perspective, posted by Daily Planning News on Dec. 5.
  • As reported by the Dec. 8 Ledger-Enquirer, alumnus Dennis Dunn was announced as Chief Deputy Attorney General by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr. Dunn received a B.A. degree magna cum laude from Stetson.
  • Alumna Lauren Hill is profiled in a video on Surfer Magazine’s website, titled “A Life Live Beautifully,” posted on Dec. 9. The video details how Hill turned her back on a sure-bet career as a competitive surfer, instead pursuing degrees in environmental and social science from Stetson and eventually managing to “carve a beautiful life out.”
  • Lauralee Westine, who received master’s and law degrees at Stetson, was featured on SaintPetersBlog on Dec. 10. with a warm “welcome to the bench.” Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed Westine, a local government and land use attorney, to replace Judge Bruce Boyer on the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court.
  • In a Dec. 11 exclusive, alumnae Britt McHenry tells her story in the article “I Blame Myself, but the Video Is Not Who I Am." McHenry, an ESPN sportscaster, discusses her outburst caught on camera and how she is rebounding from the incident. The MarieClaire story also was referenced the next day in several other news outlets, including the New York Post.

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