Stetson University

Planned Giving

Including a provision in your estate plan to benefit Stetson University allows you to establish a legacy for our students that can last for generations.

These planned gifts may also provide you with significant benefits that include:

  • Benefitting family and friends,
  • Providing for charitable organizations that have meant the most to you during your lifetime,
  • Leaving a personal legacy that incorporates your values and beliefs and
  • Possible tax benefits for your estate.

Sharing with us the portion of your estate plan that benefits Stetson allows the university to thank you for your generosity and also to more accurately plan for the future. It's a common misconception that planned gifts are only for the very wealthy. On the contrary, people can include a charitable provision in any amount in their estate plan.

Planned gifts can be unrestricted or designated for a specific department, program or project that is most important to you at any of Stetson University's locations.

Your Gift Options

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