Your experience can help us to shape the future of Lifelong Learning at Stetson University. Lifelong Learning is a new initiative at Stetson University, and though we've gotten the ball rolling, so to speak, it takes the involvement of the community to ensure lasting success. Your experience, your input and your leadership can help us to shape the future of Lifelong Learning at Stetson University. However you volunteer your time, we want to let you know just how much we appreciate and value your time and contributions.

Most committees operate with as few as three members and at most 12 members. To sign up to contribute your time and service, please indicate that you wish to do so when you register.


Curriculum Committee

This committee works in conjunction with the Office of Boundless Learning to determine the number and choices of courses and special events that will be offered each semester. These decisions are based on the interest of the membership and the qualifications of potential instructors.

Hospitality Committee

This committee welcomes all new members to Stetson Lifelong, assisting in open-house activities, and planning and serving refreshments at social events.

Advisory Board Committee

This group is selected by the Office of Boundless Learning and works to develop and manage process and procedures as they relate to Stetson Lifelong. In addition, they help become the voice of Stetson Lifelong in the community through their willingness to participate in senior fairs, present at community events and participate in outreach to retirement and senior-care communities.


The mission of Stetson Lifelong is to provide residents of the area an educational place for intellectual discussion while interacting with other mature adults in a social environment. The effort is focused on membership, and those who are willing to volunteer their time and talents to teach, and develop courses and activities.