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Audience Response Systems (A.R.S.), commonly referred to as "clickers," are hand-held devices that allow students to interact with lectures or presentations by electronically submitting responses. These devices interface with a presenter's content and enable instructors or presenters to track involvement and retention, understand attitudes and preconceptions facilitate discussions, and assess learning outcomes.

Turning Technologies is the clicker vendor for Stetson University. The Turning Technologies audience response system includes both hardware (clickers and receivers) and software components (TurningPoint and TurningPoint Anywhere). The software components have the following characteristics

  • Are compatible with the clicker devices
  • Display responses and graphs in real-time
  • Generate reports of collected data
  • Integrate with Blackboard courses for tracking students and posting clicker grades
  • Track student responses via participant lists
  • Use the free instructor hardware kits

Choosing the Right Software

  • A plugin that integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • A program that runs over any presentation software
  • Clickers are not available for Apple computers
  • Available cross-platform
  • Advanced features including convenient data management
  • Fewer options for data management and reports

Inquire About Clickers

Faculty wishing to utilize clicker technology in their courses can order Turning Technologies clickers at the Stetson University Bookstore, along with their regular textbook orders. Faculty members adopting clickers for their course will receive a free instructor kit.

  • Email or call 386-822-7182 to make an appointment for an individual consultation session.
  • Bring your laptop to the consultation session. You must have administrative rights in order to be able to install the software on your machine.
  • Be ready to discuss your syllabus and teaching practices, so that we can help you to understand the role of clickers in your course. Check out the following resources before your appointment:

Students can purchase their clickers, along with their textbooks, at the Stetson University Bookstore. Due to the standardization of clickers on campus, many students will be able to use the clicker each semester for all courses utilizing this interface. Buyback for clickers will also be conducted at the university bookstore at the end of the semester so that used clickers will be available to some students the following semester.

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