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Blackboard Support for Faculty

Blackboard Learn is Stetson University's learning management system. It helps faculty to manage classes, deliver quality feedback and deliver the best possible learning experience to students. Blackboard can be used on most computers and devices, and requires only an Internet connection. This quick guide with help you get started with Blackboard.

If you are an instructor new to Blackboard, or want face-to-face assistance, please call or visit the Office of Learning Technologies.

Logging in to Blackboard

  1. Go to the Blackboard website. A link is also available in the quick links list on Stetson Today.
  2. Enter your Stetson University username and password to log in to the system.

Understanding Blackboard

The following links provide access to video modules than can help you to learn how to use Blackboard effectively. These modules are organized into four parts:

  1. For Students
  2. Understanding and Building Your Course
  3. Communicating and Collaborating
  4. Assisting Learners

We suggest that you start with the first section and then move on from there, as each section builds upon the previous section(s).

Additional Resources

The Office of Learning Technologies can provide additional resources and training to faculty. Just contact our office for more information or to ask your question. The university also maintains a subscription to Atomic Learning, which has additional instructional videos on instructor training, the Blackboard Grade Center and advanced Blackboard skills.

Other Video Resources

These videos, produced and maintained by Blackboard, provide a sampling of available topics to learn to administer Blackboard effectively.

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