Stetson University

Accessing Your G Drive

Your Stetson University G drive is for your use to store class-related work. It can be conveniently accessed from any on-campus computer and from your personal computer if you are connected to the campus network. We highly recommend using this space for your work as it is secure and reliable, and your work will not be lost if your computer crashes.

When you first start the installer, a prompt should appear, asking whether you want to run or save the installer. Click "Run."

Next, you are likely to see a prompt similar to the one below. If so, click "Run" again.

When the Setup Wizard window appears, click "Next."

Click "Next" to install the application in the default folder.

Click "Next" to install the application on your computer.

After the program has been successfully installed, click "Finish."

The program can now be found in your Start menu.

The application, once opened, will prompt you for your university username and password. Once you have provided these credentials and logged in, you should have access to your G drive.

If, for some reason you can't access your G drive or have any questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

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