Stetson University

Backing Up Your Work

So, you are about to type a twenty-page paper or embark on a semester-long research project... or maybe you just have a one-page paper due --What would you do if your computer crashed the day before the paper is due and you've lost everything?


No seriously, don't panic. We in IT have seen this happen more times than we care to count.

To prevent these kinds of issues, we have taken the step of providing network-based storage space that you should use to back up your work. This space is called your G drive. It can be accessed from any campus computer, including your personal computer in your residence hall room, lab computers, teaching workstations, classroom computers, etc. Just open Computer and double-click the G drive. If you'd like to learn about connecting to your G drive on your personal computer, see the Accessing Your G Drive page.

As an alternative, you can also use USB flash drives or cloud storage space to back up your work. Some free cloud storage providers include Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.

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