Stetson University

IT Student Employee Code of Conduct

The Office of Information Technology employs approximately 45 students to assist in the labs with training and hardware support. IT employs students through financial aid and regular student employment.

  • Student computer lab assistants and student computer lab supervisors are responsible for lab operation and lab user assistance.
  • Student training assistants assist with the training seminars offered by IT and with the training of all student lab assistants.
  • Student lab technical assistants assist with maintenance and configuration of all lab computers and peripherals.
  • Help desk assistants support hardware, software and networking solutions through the IT Help Desk.
  • Technical ResNet assistants (TRA's) work with Residential Networking (ResNet) Support Services to support network connectivity in the residential halls, fraternities and sororities. TRA's help configure and troubleshoot students' computers on the phone, in the ResNet office and in the field.
  • Student employees have typically taken several computer science or information systems courses or have substantial experience in Microsoft Windows, UNIX or Apple OS X applications.
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