Stetson University

Data Backup and Recovery

To encourage user productivity and data security, Stetson University encourages users to store their work-related documents on the network storage space provided. Network storage space is provided as follows:

  • The G: drive is for files that only you need access to.
  • The P: drive is for files that you would like to be able to share with all users across campus.
  • The S: drive is for files that you would like to share with others in your department or working group.

These network drives are backed up regularly and are continually scanned for viruses.

If you accidentally delete or overwrite a file on a network drive it can often be recovered by simply using the "previous versions" features of the operating system -- simply right-click on the folder that contained the file(s) in question and select the "Previous Versions" tab. Use this feature carefully, as it's possible to overwrite more recent files very easily.

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you require assistance with data recovery.

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