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A Word From the Chief Information Officer

Dear Stetson Community,

The information age is obsolete. We now live in an era of constant connectedness and immediacy. During the information age, we regarded information and communication as "the super highway" with access points to the Internet that functioned as on-ramps to the flow of information that has globalized our world. The concept of the Internet as an avenue from point A to point B is no longer effectual. Technology is all encompassing. It enhances our lives in ways that were beyond our imagination when I graduated from Stetson University as an undergraduate.

Our faculty has integrated their course curricula with a Blackboard class management system that allows students to communicate with each other and their professors via forum discussion and real-time chat. Assignments and course documents ranging from readings to videos can be posted to the Blackboard system, allowing students access to their course materials from any computer with an internet connection.

We have 90 multimedia classrooms, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enrich the traditional classroom experience. We have 18 labs, with top-notch software and hardware on both PC and Apple platforms. The Office of Learning Technologies is home to the Creation Station, which houses Apple iMacs designed specifically for professional video editing. An app for Apple and Android devices, created and managed by Web Services, is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

It is nearly impossible for students to thrive in higher education without the proper tools. Technology has allowed our campus to become an enriched, creative learning environment. It is continually evolving to keep pace with ever-increasing standards for student involvement and preparedness for what lies beyond their Stetson education. It is my pledge that we will continue to provide students with the very best tools and a technologically-rich environment that reflects our changing society.


Bill Penney
Chief Information Officer

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