Fraternity and Sorority Standards Board

The purpose of the Fraternity and Sorority Standards Board (F.S.S.B.) is to establish a level of acceptable behavior for the entire Greek community. The F.S.S.B. is comprised of your Greek peers who hear cases regarding risk management issues, individual policy, infractions and group discipline issues pertaining to fraternities and sororities.

The F.S.S.B. is designed to protect the rights of individuals and chapters and to reinforce the values of the university and the community. The F.S.S.B strives to help each chapter reevaluate their behavior and modify it toward action as responsible citizens, students, and members of the Greek community.


  • Panhellenic Vice President of Risk Management: Olivia Vitagliano
  • Interfraternity Council Vice President of Risk management: Greg Garfinkel 

Filling an Incident Report

In order for a case to be brought to the F.S.S.B an incident report must be filed with the University. Incident reports allow the University to know information about the incident and policies that may have been violated. For more information regarding policies visit the Office of Community Standards website. To file an incident report go to If you would like to report a recruitment infraction please go to the "Recruitment Infraction" tab on the side of the page.