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Why We Give: AT&T

"Community investment and philanthropy have been cornerstones of AT&T's business model for decades. AT&T is one of Florida's largest private-sector employers and our employees work every day to deliver cutting-edge products and services in addition to giving back by serving communities throughout our state -- giving time and resources to community causes and organizations" said Vince Lopez, regional director, External & Legislative Affairs - AT&T Florida.

To the right: AT&T's Vince Lopez is shown with W. Tandy Grubbs, physical chemistry professor, and students using the AT&T subsidized mahjong chemistry game.

With support from the AT&T Foundation, physical chemistry Professor Grubbs and a student created a chemistry version of Mahjong. The game includes matching elemental names to symbols, assigning oxidation numbers, learning acids and bases, and others. More information is available at the game's website. It allows anyone studying chemistry to practice and reinforce basic concepts. There is also a Facebook version (search for Mahjong Chem).

"This will help students build a vocabulary and memorize the elements and other concepts," Professor Grubbs said. "We're not trying to teach heavy concepts. This simply gives students a way to learn that's fun and kind of addictive!"

To the right: Professor Grubbs and Vince Lopez speak with students about the mahjong chemistry game.

Word of the game is already spreading. The National Science Teachers Association is promoting the new chemistry version of the game through its website and ran a piece in its October publication. The American Chemical Society - Division of Chemical Education has notified Grubbs that it plans to put a link to the game on its ChemEd Digital Library website soon.

To the right: President Wendy Libby talking with some of Stetson University's chemistry students about mahjong and chemistry.

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