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Staff Grants

When a staff member would like to pursue a grant, the Office of Grants, Sponsored Research and Strategic Initiatives is there to assist. We are the university's hub for all grants. Our services include research for funding resources, grant team facilitation, grant program officer liaison, review and/or editing of proposals and grant submission. Our resources page has links to helpful sites, forms and information to simplify the grant writing process. The External Grant form can be found here.

Examples of Grants to Staff Members


The Office of Grants, Sponsored Research, and Strategic Initiatives offers workshops twice a year; in the spring and fall. Past workshops have included:

  • Finding Funding
  • Elements of a Proposal and Research Workshop
  • Grants in the Humanities
  • Grants in the Sciences
  • Grants to Fund Your Dreams

Workshops are announced through the Stetson University community email system. For upcoming workshops, please check this webpage, or call Sayda Franklin at 386-822-7462.

For more information on student grants, please contact Carol Buckels, at 386-738-6686 or

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