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AT&T Foundation giving grant check to Stetson University


Grants and scholarships from foundations play an integral role in the success of Stetson University and its students. They help deserving students attend the university. They provide faculty and staff the opportunity to pursue innovative research. They unlock access to exceptional technology and equipment. And they provoke thoughtful discourse and new ways of looking at the world by funding lecture series and events.

Scholarship donors are invited to meet their scholars at an annual scholarship luncheon. In addition, they receive scholarship reports from Stetson University and correspondence from their scholars.

Foundations Which Give to Stetson University

  • A. Friends' Foundation Trust
  • Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc.
  • Apgar Foundation, Inc.
  • B. C. and Frances Akers Foundation
  • Barrow Medical Foundation
  • C. Paul Johnson Family Charitable Foundation
  • Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
  • Charles T. and Mary Howe Brumback Charitable Trust
  • Chatlos Foundation
  • Chipper Jones Family Foundation
  • Clint Foundation
  • Community Foundation, Inc.
  • Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
  • Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation
  • Daniel R. and Anne M. Harper Foundation, Inc.
  • Desanzo Charitable Foundation
  • Diane Lynn Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Dr. Harry J. Heeb Foundation
  • E. M. Lynn Foundation
  • Ed and Pauline Lacey Charitable Foundation, Inc.
  • Elizabeth B. McGraw Foundation, Inc.
  • G. Roxy & Elizabeth C. Martin Charitable Trust
  • Gertrude C. Fawley Charitable Foundation
  • Gladys M. Dickson Charitable Trust
  • H. I. Foundation, Inc.
  • Jessie Ball duPont Fund
  • Jinks Private Foundation
  • John E. and Aliese Price Foundation, Inc.
  • Kettering Foundation
  • Kirbo Charitable Trust
  • Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
  • Lorna Jean Brooks Foundation, Inc.
  • Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation, Inc.
  • Matred Carlton Olliff Foundation
  • Maxcy Foundation, Inc.
  • National Heritage Foundation
  • National Science Foundation
  • Otzen Family Foundation
  • Palm Beach Community Trust Fund
  • Paul Bateman Foundation
  • Presser Foundation
  • Ruth McCormick Tankersley Charitable Trust
  • Sarah W. George Charitable Trust
  • Stetson Business School Foundation, Inc.
  • Szalay Family Foundation
  • UPS Foundation, Inc.
  • Vaughn-Jordan Foundation
  • Walmart Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Wessel Foundation, Inc.
  • William E. & Juliana P. O'Neill Family Foundation
  • William J. Voges Foundation
  • Wilson-Wood Foundation, Inc.
  • Woodbery Carlton Foundation, Inc.

Examples of Foundation Grants

Funder: G.Roxy & Elizabeth C. Martin Charitable Trust

  • Grant: School of Business Administration Technology Refresh
  • Project Director: Dean, School of Business Administration

Funder: AT&T Foundation

  • Grant: Data-driven online learning module to teach students oxidation numbers of chemical compounds
  • Learn more: "Why We Give: AT&T"
  • Project Director: W. Tandy Grubbs, Ph.D.

Funder: Campus Compact

  • Grant: Conference on using social media for nonprofit success
  • Project Director: Savannah-Jane Griffin

Funder: Jessie Ball duPont Fund

  • Grant: Implementation of course-unit curriculum
  • Project Directors: Kandy Queen Sutherland, Ph.D.; John Tichenor, Ph.D.