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NEH Common Good Initiative

NEH Chairman Announces New Initiative: The Common Good

NEH Chairman Bro Adams announced a new NEH initiative focused on the humanities in public life. The Common Good: The Humanities in the Public Square is an agency-wide initiative designed to demonstrate the critical role humanities scholarship can play in our public life. “NEH’s hope is to encourage humanities scholars and organizations to turn their attention toward public life,” Chairman Adams said. “More specifically, the initiative invites humanists to engage in illuminating the grand challenges that we now face as a nation.” It includes two new programs: the Public Scholar grant program, which seeks to encourage the publication of nonfiction books that apply serious humanities scholarship to subjects of general interest and appeal and Humanities Open Book, a new joint grant program with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation that aims to “unlock” great out-of-print humanities books by republishing them as freely accessible e-books. The initiative will also include the agency’s existing Standing Together initiative supporting projects and grants connecting the humanities to the experiences of war and veterans. More information is available at the NEH website. Read Chairman Adams’ speech here.