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Waiver and Travel Forms

Liability Waiver and Risk Acknowledgement Forms

Travel and Trip Risk Acknowledgement/Liability Waiver Form

Instructions for this form are as follows:

  • All Trips: Please complete the top section of the first page before distributing the form to participants for their signature.
  • If your trip is one day and does not involve an overnight stay, recreational activities or special risk activities, you will only need to use the first page of the travel form.
  • If the trip involves overnight stay or any recreational activities, please also complete the second and/or third pages as applicable before distributing the form to participants for their signature.
  • The forms need to be signed by the participants' parent/guardian if the participant is under age 18. (Signed copies of the form can be emailed or faxed to save time.)
  • Please keep signed copies of the forms in your department's trip file for at least one year for liability reference purposes should a claim or suit arise later on.

On-Campus General Programs and Activities: Risk Acknowledgement and Waiver Form

All students should complete and sign this form. The form references most on-campus general activities, events and programs.

University Volunteer Forms - Department Volunteers/Risk Acknowledgement/Waiver Forms

Other University Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Programs

Travel Abroad Forms

For travel abroad forms, please see the WORLD: International Learning website or contact the WORLD: International Learning office at 386-822-8165.

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