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Multicultural Student Organizations

The organizations listed on this page are recognized groups that fall under the Multicultural Student Council. If you don't see a group that looks interesting to you, Stetson University has over 100 recognized student organizations, and if you still don't find one that interests you, it's easy to start your own!

Association for Disability Advocates

The Association for Disability Advocates (ADA) is a group committed to providing support for people with disabilities and promoting social justice in all areas of life for people with disabilities.

Asian Pacific American Coalition

The goal of Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) is to promote awareness about Asian Pacific culture and experience in America. This organization was established in December 2012 and is open to everyone regardless of culture and heritage.

Black Student Association

The Black Student Association (BSA) is one of the many cultural organizations dedicated to providing positive cultural, intellectual and social activities for all students at Stetson University. We are an association in which African-American students with similar interests and views can come together as a unified voice. As a result we help to create a positive self-identity among our members and others through community involvement and campus interaction.

Caribbean Student Organization

The Caribbean Student Organization strives to educate the Stetson University community about Caribbean culture and diversity. We promote equality and provide various events to celebrate the many Caribbean countries. The CSO has established a network of support that fosters a Caribbean family with the goal of improving cultural diversity on campus through expanding our organization. Come join our home away from home!

Color Between the Lines

Color Between the Lines seeks to raise awareness of the significance and prevalence of racism in a contemporary social context. CBL will advocate the continuation of the fight against the racist mentality and behaviors in society. CBL will strive to disclose the many values and beauties the differences of all races and ethnicities can contribute to the world. In doing so, CBL will bolster the appreciation of these differences by appealing to contemporary popular culture and conveying our message in the most relevant way to the appropriate audience. CBL will present concrete, factual evidence reinforcing how racism still exists in society. CBL will reveal the ways racism has taken on a new "face" from its traditional form, and how raising awareness of this issue will greatly alter social interactions for the better.

Hispanic Organization for Latin Awareness

Stetson University's Hispanic Organization for Latin Awareness (HOLA) is a Hispanic organization devoted to developing a greater awareness of Latino culture and identity within the Stetson University community and throughout Florida. The mission of HOLA is to serve as an intercultural resource center on campus. Dedicated towards integrating all Latinos and non-Latinos, we strive to enrich the intercultural experiences within the Stetson University community. HOLA provides a supportive environment where students are welcome to discuss and come to understand issues of importance to them. The organization supports students through resources and services that foster the integration of their academic, social, cultural and community service activities to enrich their Stetson University experience. We also promote institution-wide festivals and events to educate the community of Latino culture's rich cultural traditions and diversity, which encourages students to understand the importance of building a strong intercultural community.

Jewish Student Organization

The purpose of the Jewish Student Organization/Hillel is to provide Jewish cultural and religious experiences to the Stetson University community.


Kaleidoscope, Stetson University's Gay/Straight Alliance, is a community-based organization that actively pursues opportunities to promote acceptance, friendship and partnership of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight communities. We work to create a supportive atmosphere for GLBTQ and allied students to discuss their feelings and thoughts about sexual orientation and gender identity. Through education and awareness initiatives, we hope to reduce anti-gay violence, harassment and discrimination by promoting a greater understanding between students, school administration and the local community.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association's purpose is to educate people about the Muslim culture and religion. It is open to all who want to know more about the religion of Islam.

National Organization for Women

NOW is a campus affiliate of the National Organization for Women, the nation's largest women's rights group. We are activists who seek to end gender-based discrimination, and to promote feminism on campus and in the community.

STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition

STAND, the student-led division of the Genocide Intervention Network, envisions a world in which the international community protects civilians from genocidal violence. At its core, our mission is to empower individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and stop genocide.

Stetson International Organization

The primary goal of the Stetson International Organization (SIO) is to increase students' awareness of international practices, to celebrate international culture and to enrich Stetson University's environment with student-led activities.

Student Homeless Coalition

The Student Homeless Coalition strives to accomplish five goals:

  1. Assist the organizations that already help the homeless to deliver their services, whether this is through fundraising or volunteering
  2. Form partnerships with other service providers, encouraging collaboration and communication in order to better consolidate limited resources
  3. Identify the needs of the homeless community that are not being met through other organizations and fill those gaps wherever possible, such as through the Life Empowerment Toward Success (LETS) program.
  4. Raise awareness within the student body and the surrounding community about homelessness, hunger and poverty. Education is one of the most effective weapons in creating lasting change.
  5. Our last pledge is to advocacy; the Student Coalition vows to take a proactive approach to ending homelessness by striving to change the institutions that propagate it. Our commitment to advocacy may manifest in presenting policy initiatives and lobbying government officials.

By accomplishing these goals, we draw closer to achieving the end to homelessness after which we are named.