Training Sessions

Many training sessions are readily available; some of these are listed below.

Developing Leadership Strengths in College

This training session focuses on the qualities possessed and functions performed by leaders and how leadership is developed during college, and also includes an explanation of the process of becoming a strengths-based leader.

Eating Disorders

Learn about the different types of eating disorders and the associated behavioral, emotional, psychological, physical, and social signs and symptoms. This session also covers health consequences and how to help a friend.

Sexual Assault

This session includes information on myths and facts, signs and symptoms, and effects of sexual assault, addresses prevention and intervention (how individuals can be helpful and supportive), and provides important resources (steps to take and options for survivors).

Suicide, Grief and Loss

This session discusses the facts related to suicide, including potential warning signs and suggestions on what to do or say in situations where an individual may be contemplating suicide. It also includes information on the symptoms and stages of grief and loss and addresses the healing process.

Suicide Prevention

This training includes statistics, myths and facts, risk factors and potential warning signs of suicide, as well as suggestions for prevention and intervention (what to listen and look for, what to say or do, how to ask the question, and how to get help).

Other Trainings

To inquire about potential training sessions, please complete an event request form or email us.