The Counseling Center offers a variety of services to serve the Stetson University community.

Facts about the Counseling Center’s Services

  • Counseling services are available at no cost to students who are currently enrolled at Stetson University.
  • Confidentiality is maintained.
  • Counseling records are not part of your academic record.
  • Appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • There is no limit to the amount of sessions you may attend.
  • Appointments may be canceled and/or rescheduled by the Counseling Center to accommodate emergencies, closures, etc.


Consultative services are available for faculty/staff members, parents, friends of students, etc. who are concerned about a Stetson University student. Consultations consist of confidential phone calls or face-to-face meetings with a counselor to discuss the individual's concerns. Guidance, helpful resources and referrals may be provided so that the student may be supported.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a confidential meeting with a counselor to discuss the student's concerns. The goal of individual counseling is to help the student gain insights and skills for personal and academic success. The process may include assessment of the problem, brief solution-focused counseling and support with difficult events or circumstances. The counselor may also suggest a referral to additional resources on campus or in the community.

Couple Counseling

When appropriate, counseling for couples is offered in order to address the relationship concerns. If a student interested in this type of counseling is already working with a counselor, the student may discuss this option with their counselor.

Group Counseling

Groups of six to 10 individuals regularly meet to discuss and/or work on concerns regarding a specific concern or set of concerns. Group counseling is typically used as a supplement to individual counseling, but it can also be done on its own.

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Crisis Counseling

Crisis counseling may be needed when a student is in extreme distress. This may be needed after a traumatic event, such as a serious threat to safety, an injury or assault, the death of a friend or family member, or a disaster. The student may contact the Counseling Center during regular working hours by phone or in person. After business hours, the student may contact an on-call counselor by calling Public Safety at 386-822-7300.


There may be times when a student may benefit from or wish to work with on- or off-campus resources, which may include tutoring and writing support with Academic Success, formal testing (e.g., AD/HD, learning disability, etc.), working with an outside counselor or psychiatrist, etc. In these cases, the Counseling Center may refer students to on-campus resources or provide local resources which students may utilize. The Counseling Center does not recommend or refer to any particular provider; the resources given will simply represent local services that may be beneficial to the student.

Educational Presentations

A variety of educational presentations may be conducted throughout the academic year. Educational presentations may be presented to faculty, staff and administrators, as well as to student groups. Several available presentations are readily available; others may be developed upon request.

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Training Sessions

In addition to educational presentations, the Counseling Center presents informational training sessions for Stetson University student leaders, including resident assistants and FOCUS orientation event leaders, as well as for faculty and staff professional development and training efforts. Several training sessions are readily available; others may be developed upon request.

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