Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Web Development Program right for me?

Stetson University has been daring its students to be significant over 120 years with quality education and training. Our Web Development Program is designed with your success in mind. Compare any other programs in terms of quality, cost and additional benefits, and you will find that a Stetson University education stands above the rest.

How is the material taught?

Our faculty is experienced in the industry and each is considered an expert in their fields; additionally, industry-standard software tools are used to facilitate learning. Classes consist of instructor-led discussions of the material with students being assigned a case-study website to work on outside of the classroom. The class textbook also provides hands-on exercises for students that want to explore extra work in addition to the case study.

How much of the course is hands-on?

The topics in the courses target what you need to know for web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each class introduces new material that students will use to extend their case study. During each class, one or more students will be called on to present their case study work to their peers. About six hours of work directly on a computer is required for each week of the course.

What are the course prerequisites?

The most important factor is the motivation and dedication to better yourself by obtaining new skills and the successes that can come with these qualifications. Persons with an aptitude and interest in computer systems, whose work has them interact with database systems in any fashion (whether as a systems administrator, developer, quality assurance analyst, or testing engineer), and who aren't afraid to work directly with code are perfect for these courses. If you are interested in our program but are unsure of your qualifications, you should ask for a free consultation with one of our technology specialists.

Cost is a consideration. What can you tell me?

You should select a program based on its quality, and that is why you select Stetson University. But for those where cost is a major consideration, you should note that our Web Development Program is an excellent value in the State Florida. The information in this course is most often packaged in a four-course series that can cost twice as much at other institutions. Where else can you receive a superb software package and Stetson University's quality instruction at the same price?

How can Stetson deliver its Web Development Program for less than Orlando-area providers?

Our program tuition is based on our costs. We do not have sales personnel whose job depends on selling you the course. During the dot-com bubble many IT training providers entered the market, but most have since shut down. Stetson University has been established in the greater Orlando area for over 120 years.

What else can you tell me about selecting Stetson University for my information technology training and education?

As Florida's first private university, Stetson University sets the standard for excellent teaching and innovative, superior programs. We're proud to be a nationally recognized leader in education with a commitment to values and social responsibility. Perhaps most important of all, Stetson University is committed to making top-quality, private education affordable to a diverse group of qualified students.

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