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Project Management Cohort

CEP 400 | $4,995 | 24 sessions

This program is designed to completely cover the fundamentals of managing projects that can be applied across ALL industries. It introduces participants to more complex topics in project management while deepening their understanding of planning and controlling processes. Participants discover concepts, tools and ways to manage projects to achieve positive outcomes. They apply these principles and techniques to sample projects and create links to their own projects.

This program is intended to give participants a general knowledge of the tools and techniques within key concepts that are necessary to pass either the C.A.P.M.® or the P.M.P.® exams; however, this is not a prep course. In the last sessions of this program, participants are introduced to the structure of each of these internationally recognized credential exams and will be evaluated for their readiness to sit for them.

Project Management Basics

CEP 401 | $999 | 24 hours

This course will introduce students to fundamental principles that help them put together a workable project plan. It encourages them to practice with a variety of project management tools and techniques that have proven value.

Risk and Scheduling

CEP 402 | $649 | 9 hours

This course moves into more complex project management techniques to plan for risk and uncertainty. Students will learn to create realistic project schedules that can be used to track and manage projects effectively.

Project Leadership

CEP 403 | $649 | 9 hours

Once students have mastered tools and techniques for managing projects, they are naturally curious about the human aspect. This course explores how project managers can understand themselves and their team and build high performing teams.

Executing, Monitoring, Controlling and Closing

CEP 404 | $749 | 12 hours

This course focuses on tools to execute and monitor projects. It helps students to understand techniques that are used to evaluate project performance and control progress. It introduces them to earned value concepts that enhance a project manager's ability to monitor and control projects better. It guides students to understand ways to make sure a project is closed.

Techniques for Microsoft Project

CEP 405 | $699 | 9 hours

This course will provide students with a working knowledge of Microsoft Project's basic features, which are critical to managing projects. It will show students how to create schedules using dependencies as well as how to update schedules to support monitoring and controlling efforts.

Exam Readiness Assessment

CEP 406 | $649 | 9 hours

This course will help students assess their readiness for the C.A.P.M.® or P.M.P.® exams. Students will develop a study plan based on an assessment of their needs. They will also cover exam-taking techniques and how to deconstruct an exam question.

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