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"I've always been interested in finding a job in a law office and in particular wanted to find a job working with contracts but I had no previous legal experience. I found out about the Stetson University-NALS Online Basic Legal Training Course and decided this would be a good way to learn about working in the field. I am happy to say that I recently got my 'legal career' going as a contract analyst with a financial management company in their legal department and I LOVE IT! My Stetson instructor was great. I spoke with her weekly and she ensured that I understood the material. I truly believe this course was hugely responsible for jump starting my new career. I can't emphasize enough how much I appreciated the knowledge I gained and the support I received while in this course. It changed my life."

Jaymee; Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I am a recent graduate of the Online Basic Legal Training Course offered by Stetson University and sponsored by NALS ... the association of legal professionals ( I took the course hoping to learn more about the field of law and I also wanted to take the ALS (Accredited Legal Secretary) exam, to earn a national certification that would demonstrate my preparedness to enter the field. This course was perfect for both. I felt it was well-planned out, very professional, and truly engaging - some things that you don't always find with online courses. The materials were thorough and included interesting case studies. I spoke with my instructor (an attorney) on a weekly basis who made sure I learned the subject matter completely. Built into the program was a course on written communication which was eye opening. When I found out I had passed the national exam on the first try, I knew it was all because of the great team behind a great program. I would highly recommend this course!"

Lissette N.; Bronx, New York

"I really enjoyed the class and am sorry it is over. It prepared me exceedingly well for my career in the legal field. The format of the course, the instructors, the supporting materials, and the overall methodology were superb. I am extremely confident that I will soon be employed in the legal field, and now am seriously considering law school. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in serving in the legal profession."

Kate T.

"I feel I learned a tremendous amount of useful information which gives me more confidence to apply to a law firm in this tough market. Most job descriptions these days are not for entry-level assistants who learn on the job; employers can be very selective when they have a large pool of qualified administrative assistants from which to pull a candidate. Attorneys seek experienced applicants (5+ years), and they seem to want their new assistant to hit the ground running; they are too busy to give their time in the training of a new person. This lawyer's assistant course filled this need for training in me, although I realize that actual experience will 'anchor' all I have learned.

"The Stetson staff couldn't have been better, and everyone delivered everything that I needed for a successful experience. Ms. McPeck was not only very knowledgeable about the law and written communication details, she made each one of us on Skype feel as though we were doing just fine--getting a grasp of these, sometimes, difficult concepts. I don't think any one of us ever felt embarrassed over what we didn't know with Ms. McPeck as our instructor. I will miss hearing her warm voice of encouragement each week.

"Thank you, Ms. McPeck, Rosemary and Jay, for all your hard work. Your course is excellent!"

Christine W.

"I cannot believe that I have completed the course and that this was my last week. I am going to miss the weekly conference calls with Ms. McPeck; she was always encouraging, and her legal experience and expertise was invaluable to me when we reviewed the weekly assigned chapters. This course has helped me understand the role of the Lawyer's Assistant, and it has made my life easier at the office. I have been able to apply some of the lessons learned in this course to my routine at work. I have also implemented some changes in our department, and so far the feedback from some of the Attorneys and Paralegals has been very positive. I would recommend this course to anyone who is new in the legal field, as well as to those who want to better understand the different aspects of the law. Ms. McPeck, I will miss you!"

Maricela Y.

"I am a National Board Certified Teacher who serves at a Florida high school that delivers high technology, vocational courses. One of my areas of specialization is Legal Services. As a matter of professional development and in order to better serve my students, I sought to earn the Accredited Legal Secretary (ALS) national certification from NALS ... the association for legal professionals ( The ALS Exam is a four-hour three-part, closed book, proctored evaluation that covers legal knowledge, ethics, law office procedures, and written communications. With the help of my employer, I was able to find and take the NALS Online Basic Legal Training Course that is offered by Stetson University in cooperation with NALS. This was a 20-week course focusing on the skills needed to work in a law office as a legal secretary, training to be eligible to take the NALS ALS certification exam, vocabulary commonly used in a law office, and many topics often a part of a pre-law undergraduate program. The program included texts with review questions, chapter quizzes, case studies and exercises to bring real world experiences into the classes. It also included weekly live interaction with my instructor, who was a lawyer! The course had built-in written communications studies that also served as an excellent preparation for the ALS Exam. I've been able to apply almost everything I've learned in the NALS-Stetson program to my classes, and my students have been the real winners from my training."

Susan S.; NBCT, ALS Florida

"Thank you for creating such an enjoyable learning environment. Although the course work was challenging, it was not overwhelming. Ms. McPeck was a delight to speak to each week, and Jay made me laugh more than once with his comments to my review questions and voluntary challenge issues. I would refer your course to anyone interested in entering the legal field."

Sandra P.

"Anyone looking into the legal program, for any reason, should start here. It is a fantastic program. Going into this program I knew absolutely nothing about the legal field; coming out of it I know I'll be able to step into my career with a great start. The staff are involved, helpful, and very kind. I honestly have never had a teacher like Ms. McPeck, and I couldn't have asked for a better person to learn from. I'm very sorry to see the course end but I hope to keep in touch with Ms. McPeck."

Ashley C.

"As a legal secretary for 30 years, working in the same law firm with the same attorney and feeling a little bored, I decided to check out the NALS - Stetson Online Basic Legal Training Course to see if there was something new I could learn from it.

"As I began to engage in the coursework and weekly assignments, I thought 'what the hell did I get myself into.' Wow, was I in for a rude awakening. I felt overwhelmed and found the course to be intense and challenging. I thought I knew a lot! I reached out to the coordinators, and expressed some concerns regarding getting through the weekly assignments, (after all I had been out of school for 20 years). They were very understanding and knew what I was experiencing. I received valuable studying tips and instructions from Jay Braden who helped me navigate through the course. I realized then that I had some serious work ahead of me. I decided I was going to challenge myself and work hard in order to achieve completion of the course. I adopted a positive attitude and plunged ahead. Thereafter, within a few weeks, I actually started to enjoy the weekly assignments and looked forward to taking the quizzes at the end of the chapter just to see my scores.

"I also looked forward to the weekly online chats with my professor, Ms. Mitzi McPeck, who would review the chapter with me. I enjoyed our chats. She is so understanding, extremely knowledgeable and smart. This course has help me reinforce my weaknesses and my strengths. It has helped me especially with written communication skills. I feel that through his course I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge in the secretarial field. I also feel more secure and confident in my career. I recommend this excellent course to anyone who is interested in a career as a lawyer's assistant, or even as a refresher course.

"Thank you for the experience. I think if you are going to take a class online, this course has the tools to teach it! I have a stronger respect for the law! I also want to thank Ms. McPeck for her kindness and patience."

Joanne P.

"The instructors, the textbook, and the Blackboard site have all three been beneficial to me as a student and as a law instructor teacher. This course has taught me many things that I did not know about legal issues and provided me with a means to learn without having to physically attend a class. Had it not been for Stetson's On-line course, I would not have been able to attend a course such as this.

"This was my first law class and first on-line class as well. I found the books and exercises a bit dry, but the information was reinforced in a practical manner with the case studies and weekly calls with Ms. McPeak. Ms. McPeak was always available during the week via emails, for questions as they came up during the course of the chapter. This class is a very good introduction into the law field."

Michele M.

"I wanted to let you know that I had my annual review and it went very well. I was told that they are very pleased and impressed with my work. I thanked our head attorney for the vote of confidence, and he said it was much deserved and then he thanked me again for my work. I do not think I could have asked for a better outcome.

"Our head attorney said they were impressed with my initiative in searching out the course and in the way I was committed to completing it well and in a timely manner. Needless to say I am very pleased with the outcome in every way. Thank you again for all your help during the course. The material I learned has been invaluable in my day-to-day working environment. I am now in charge of the law library at our firm and for maintaining the organization of the file system for one of our bigger clients. Without the Basic Online Legal Training Course, I would not have the confidence I need to perform these duties."

Bonnie M.

"I took Stetson's Basic Legal Training Course while in Oklahoma; before relocating to Florida, where I applied for different odd jobs and legal jobs. I received a response and a job offer to work as a file clerk at a small law firm located on Florida's Atlantic coast. I gladly accepted the offer. The firm I will be working for specializes in collections, and my duties will include: copying, scanning, filing, mailing new legal suits, etc.

"I am so excited, and I believe this job will be a stepping stone to further my career goals in the legal field. I have the skills and confidence from your course to know that I will be successful and move up within the organization. After doing a lot of soul searching, I now recognize my talents and passions. I have always been concerned about toxins in our environment. I frequently read news articles about toxins negative health effects on humans and animals. This job is a great start in moving towards merging my passion for the environment with the legal profession."

Z. in Florida

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