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NALS Online Basic Legal Training Program


The Stetson University NALS Online Basic Legal Training Program is focused on teaching the knowledge expected of persons working in a law office as a lawyer's assistant or legal secretary. The online program has been designed to make you a better legal secretary or legal support specialist and to help you pass the NALS national ALP exam.

Students are grouped together several times a year to form a "cohort." To learn more about the next scheduled start date or to arrange a conference call time that will work best for you, please contact Rosemary Cangelosi at

Program Features

  • Instruction by experienced lawyers with practical knowledge
  • Course material designed for a high level of office-useful information and interactivity
  • Training for those desiring the ALP certification

Legal Subjects

  • Criminal Law
  • Contracts
  • Torts
  • Family Law
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Bankruptcy

Other Subjects

  • Communications
  • Office Procedures
  • Ethics
  • Judgment

Weekly Interactions

The Cognitifive Domain

We are very proud of the excellent reviews the Online Basic Legal Training Program has received from individuals in the legal field. Our intent was and is to make this an outstanding program for students wanting to get into the field of legal support and for those already in the field who want to broaden their knowledge and perhaps even prepare for the A.L.P. (Accredited Legal Professional) national certification.

Students have given positive feedback on this program because of the way it is conducted; most don't realize that the latest pedagogical approach is used in its delivery, which is based on Bloom's Taxonomy and his work on cognitive domains. Essentially, we let students work during the week on the knowledge, comprehension and application levels. This enables the faculty to use each weekly conference for discussions in the domains of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Thus, one of the greatest strengths of this program is the weekly discussion with the faculty during a conference call. The discussion can focus on the more interesting aspects of the law because students already have some grasp of the basics. There are many deliverers of "online education" who do not build this level of interaction into their programs, and many students participate in distance learning with little or no contact with a real person. Our "person" is both real and a lawyer.

We have provided you a somewhat lengthy analysis and discussion about the "why" of our weekly faculty conference calls and do hope that you can see their importance to our program.

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