Leadership West Volusia


Leadership West Volusia is an educational program co-sponsored by the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce and the Stetson University Department of Continuing Education. It is directed toward area adults of diverse backgrounds and experiences who have demonstrated leadership potential and service.


Program Goals

The goal of Leadership West Volusia is to develop a group of people who will provide ongoing leadership in the community. The program will provide opportunities for potential leaders to meet with today's leaders to gain a better understanding of issues and challenges facing our community. It will also provide educational opportunities to strengthen the leadership and communication skills of participants. Leadership West Volusia is not an action or advocate group; rather, it is a program designed to help the community meet the challenges of the future by assuring well-trained and knowledgeable leaders.


The benefits for the participants in this program include the following:

  • Developing a network of community contacts and building working relationships with community leaders.
  • Learning what factors are of significance in key community issues and how, in general, the community works.
  • Becoming better acquainted with other community leaders.
  • Learning about various community resources, facilities and governing bodies.
  • Developing the leadership potential of each participant.

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