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Curious Creatures & The Grossology Zone

June 23 - June 27

Use super cool science to create and train your very own electric-powered walking chameleon... one of nature's most awesome survivors. Will your chameleon be adapted to run fast or blend in with its surroundings? Only you can answer that question. Discover deep sea, prehistoric and extreme survivors like you! Challenge your survival skills each day as you conduct science experiments using fun tools and toys to overcome exploding volcanoes, falling from a skyscraper and wild winds. Then enter the grossology zone and find out about the amazing ways your body keeps you alive! In this camp, make scabs and pus, grow a life-size model of your powerful brain, extract and take home your very own DNA in a bottle, and track your fruit roll-up from mouth to exit!

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Rocking Gizmos & Rolling Gadgets *All New for 2014!

July 7 - July 11

Ever wonder how your favorite music is made? Amp it up! Find out how sound waves and electricity become music to your ears as you build your very own portable, rock and roll, digital music system that goes anywhere you go. Now let's get rolling! Accelerate your knowledge of gravity, momentum and velocity (a fancy word for speed) while you experiment with gears, levers and wacky contraptions. Discover amazing animation as you make your own 3D cartoon, take the techno croc challenge and much more!

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Astronaut Training... Moon Mission 2014! *All New for 2014!

July 14 - July 18

Calling all space explorers! We're going to the moon and we need astronauts right now! Join us for 2014 astronaut training, as we prepare for our moon mania mission. Construct your own electric-powered mini moon buggy, then join forces to build a life-sized replica of your moon mobile. Munch on real astronaut food, conduct intergalactic experiments then build and launch your own rocket, complete with a take-home launching system.

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Robot Mania & Mysterious Techno Detectives *All New for 2014!

July 21 - July 25

Enter the robot lab where you can dream up the best robot tools, construct your robot from the ground up and test its design in the ultimate battle and race-arena. Build your very own "World Cup" cyborg soccer player and the ultimate maze mania. Mystery at the museum, magnificent magic and missing jewels are just part of the story. Let's use some serious CSI science with some serious fun to find out the ultimate answer to the burning question... Who done it?

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