Chaplain Office

Locating a Nearby Religious Community

We maintain a list of local congregations and can also assist students searching for communities which are not represented locally.

When might I need the Chaplain?

You don't need to be deeply religious or on a sickbed to benefit from the services the chaplain offers. Listed below are just a few of the scenarios in which our services can benefit you:


Unfortunately, there are times in the lives of many students when there is a crisis to deal with back home. Illness or a death in the family can cause confusion and cloud decision-making. Situations including "Do I go home?," "I can't go home, but I'm having trouble concentrating on my studies" can arise. A visit to the chaplain can give you the chance to talk through your options and find emotional and spiritual support as you come to a decision.

Guilt! Guilt! Guilt!

Sometimes students feel a little guilty being away at school if things are tough back home. Other times, a decision concerning values may cause a student to feel guilty because he or she is becoming more independent. Again, talking it through with someone not directly involved in the situation can help to clarify your options.

"I don't know what I believe anymore."

Life in a college community can turn one's previously held religious beliefs upside down. You need to be able to discuss your doubts and certainties with someone who will listen without pressuring you to accept a prescribed set of religious rules. The chaplain can provide guidance and help you navigate the way.

"My roommate went into the hospital for an appendectomy."

Having to endure a hospital stay while away from home can be a lonely experience. The chaplain will visit a student in the hospital, not to gain sickbed conversations, but to assure that student that the Stetson University community is with him or her in spirit and to offer help in notifying others on campus.