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Office of the Chaplain

The mission of the Chaplain's Office is to articulate, support, give witness to, and develop the religious and spiritual dimensions of life within the university setting, recognizing the plurality of religious traditions present; and to lead the community and its members to integrate these dimensions more fully in their lives.

Spiritual Guidance and Support

The Chaplain's office is here to help the Stetson University community develop and maintain the religious and spiritual dimensions of life.

Services offered by the chaplain include: support during emergencies or hospitalization; spiritual guidance; and help in finding a nearby religious community of your tradition.

Chaplain Michael Fronk is an ordained minister who has been active in ecumenical organizations. He graduated from Stetson in 1974 and is the father of two Stetson alumni. He is an avid motorcyclist and a leader in the DeLand community.

Where is the Chaplain?

The Chaplain's Office is in the Carlton Union Building (CUB) room 230.

Spiritual Issues

The Chaplain is available to all students of all faiths who wish to voice and/or express any concerns or issues they may have with their spirituality.