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Employer On-Campus Office Hours Program

Speak with a professional and gain insight into your career!

Throughout the school year, visiting professionals will hold office hours on campus in several academic departments. Through individual meetings with a visiting professional, participating students will have the opportunity to learn more about a profession, receive career-related advice, and reflect on the ways in which their liberal arts education can prepare them for lives of significance after Stetson.

Expectations of Participating Students

Expected dress is business casual, and students must arrive 5 minutes prior to their scheduled meeting time. It is expected that all students will prepare for their meeting ahead of time by meeting with a career advisor in the Office of Career Development and Academic Advising or reviewing the prep and dialogue information on the CDAA website. It is also expected that students will write a follow-up thank you letter/email to the visiting professional within 48 hours after the meeting.

How to request a meeting with a professional through the program

Before requesting a meeting, please visit the Upcoming Events calendar on the CDAA website to find out which professionals will be on campus, the locations for their office hours, and the dates of their visits. If interested, request a meeting by submitting your résumé, the name of the professional you wish to meet with, and three times of availability on the date of the visit, to  You will be contacted by the Office of Career Development to confirm your meeting (if available), or asked to provide additional availability. 


Contact Information

If you have questions about the Employer On-Campus Office Hours Program or you would like to prepare for your scheduled meeting with a visiting professional, please contact the Office of Career Development and Academic Advising at or 386-822-7315. 


Please note: The Office of Career Development and Academic Advising will make every attempt to provide a diverse list of potential professionals for the program but recognizes that it cannot meet the needs of every individual student. If you do not find a professional listed that interests you but you are still interested in participating in the program, please contact the Office of Career Development and Academic Advising so we can work with you and your individual career needs.

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