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Diversity Links

The links provided here are for websites aimed at specific minorities.

Websites for Students and Alumni of Color


INROADS is a non-profit organization that trains and develops talented young people of color for professional careers in business and industry.


Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) provides internships, mentoring, volunteerism, professional development programs and related support for the career development of students of color. Opportunities for students of color are available in a variety of fields including accounting, asset management, corporate law, information technology, investment banking, management consulting, media and philanthropy.


Black Enterprise links employers with job seekers through a database for job searches and postings. The BE Executive Recruiter Directory of black-owned firms may be used at any stage in the job search. In addition to featuring the latest news in various industries, this career resource center provides helpful tips on resumes, cover letters, interviews and negotiating offers.

The Black Collegian Online

The online version of The Black Collegian magazine provides job postings, employer profiles, job search strategies and advice. It also features graduate school opportunities, career and industry reports with a focus on career and self-development for African-American collegians.

Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology

Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology and its Minority College Issue provide information on diversity in the workplace, news updates and recent hires, and the latest in technological developments. Visit the website to submit your resume and learn about upcoming career events.


Hispanic provides information on career searches, education and current events throughout Latin America.

Hispanic Surf provides a listing of multiple job and career search engines for Latinos and Hispanics. The website's Career Center includes company highlights, career advice and available job opportunities. It also provides links to relevant information in fields such as business and finance, education, technology, politics, and arts & entertainment.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute sponsors summer internships, a public policy fellowship program and scholarship awards.


The online career development resource of The Institute for Diversity in Health Management, provides services to link qualified health professionals to each other and to job opportunities across the country, connect diverse individuals to leadership and mentoring programs in a variety of healthcare settings, and serve as a job search database for minority management candidates in healthcare services. provides information on diversity in news, media, marketplace, workplace and communities. The website includes a career center for career advice and a comprehensive resource guide. Visitors can register to receive email updates and the diversity newsletter.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

A national nonprofit organization that seeks to build a community by bridging science and technology with traditional Native-American values. Through its educational programs, AISES provides opportunities for American Indians and Native Alaskans to pursue studies in science, engineering and technology.


IMDiversity is a website dedicated to expanding and improving diversity in the workplace. The site features a series of ethnocentric villages (African-American, Asian-American, etc.) where visitors can search for jobs, post resumes and read articles of interest to those with particular cultural backgrounds.

Black Career

A non-profit organization whose website "serves as a nucleus of support to identify and address the critical needs of black women in the workforce as it relates to their career mobility and achievement."

Websites for Women

Women's Bureau at the U.S. Department of Labor

This website promotes profitable employment opportunities for women, seeks to empower them by enhancing their skills and improving their working conditions, and provides employers with more alternatives to meet their labor needs.

A women's careers and professional organization, this website hosts a multitude of links to various careers, sites and information of interest.

Contains many helpful links to sites devoted to women in the workplace.

Websites for LGBTQ Students and Alumni

Gayellow Pages

A directory of organizations, businesses, resources, etc. for the LGBTQ community in the U.S. and Canada.

Websites for Students and Alumni with Disabilities

University of Minnesota Disability Services

An excellent set of links from the University of Minnesota's Career Center. These links offer information, from support groups to job resources in alphabetical order.

Allows hearing-impaired job-seekers to search current job postings. Includes a resume storage feature.

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