Medical Withdrawal

The Medical Withdrawal process is meant for students who are unable to complete the current semester of courses due to professionally documented medical concerns. The documentation is subject to the approval of the Dean of Students or their designee.

The form may be obtained from the Registrar's Website.

If you have questions about medical withdrawal please contact Debbie Tate, or call 386.822.7473.

After the form is filled out by a student, it is submitted to the Dean of Students office with supporting medical/mental health documentation from an approved provider for review. The Dean of Students or their designee will meet with the student and within seven (7) business days make a decision.

Once approved by the Dean of Students, the student will need to submit the paperwork to the Office of Housing and Residential Life (if the student is a resident) and One Stop for signatures. Once all signatures are obtained, the student must return completed medical withdrawal form to Dean of Students office. (CUB 229)

The student will need to fill out the exit interview (on the website above) and drop all classes. If the student is having trouble dropping classes they must contact the Registrar’s office.

Important Refund Dates for Fall and Spring, 2016-2017
Traditional Programs

Students officially withdrawing from their entire course load during the first half of a fall or spring semester will receive a prorated tuition, fees, meal plans and housing credit as follows under Important Refund Dates.

Fall Semester 2016

100%   August 25
75% August 26 September 9
50% September 10 September 23
25% September 24 October 7

Spring Semester 2017

100%   January 17
75% January 18 January 28
50% January 29 February 11
25% February 12 February 25

More information can be found under the Expenses section of General Information in the University Catalog.