Boundless Learning

Significance isn't a buzzword. It's an ideal, and the journey to attaining it is lifelong. From childhood to young adulthood and beyond, Stetson University has programs available to engage your mind and body, help you to learn new skills and keep moving forward as you seek significance.

Boundless Learning is a large and diverse division at Stetson University, and is composed of several offices and departments. These are the offices of Continuing Education (which offers Road Scholar programs), Learning Technologies and Lifelong Learning; the Stetson University Center at Celebration; the online learning and veterans services campus initiatives; summer courses for undergraduate students; and finally, youth-oriented programs including HATS (High Achieving Talented Students) and other youth camps offered during the summer months.

If you'd like to stay up-to-date with what's happening at Boundless Learning, please see the Boundless Learning Cybercafe blog.


Boundless Learning™ at Stetson University seeks to enhance Stetson University's mission to educate diverse individuals who dare to be significant, by becoming the source for innovation in education and lifelong learning for individuals and employers throughout the state and beyond.


Boundless Learning engages individuals, businesses, community organizations and the Stetson University community (faculty, staff and students) with opportunities for intellectual development, personal growth and global citizenship to enhance their ability to make a significance difference in the world.

Measures of our Success

Our success will be measured through our ability to deepen the core values of Stetson University, provide learning opportunities for the twenty-first century learner and to be an alternative source of revenue for Stetson University.

Our Values

  • Learning for the twenty-first century
  • The need to become an alternative revenue source for the institution as a whole
  • The importance of lifelong learning across the ages
  • The core values of Stetson University as the reason for our work