Boundless Learning

Significance is not a buzzword. It is an ideal, and the journey to attaining it is lifelong. From play time, to school time, to work time, to your time and beyond, Stetson University Boundless Learning has programs available to engage your mind and body, help you learn new skills, and keep you moving forward as you seek significance.


The Office of Boundless Learning engages individuals, businesses, community organizations, and the Stetson University community (faculty, staff, and students) with opportunities for intellectual development, personal growth, and global citizenship to enhance their ability to make a significant difference in the world.

Our mission is to:

  • Serve the stakeholders of the university - individuals, organizations, and communities - by providing a broad range of educational and cultural opportunities and services that increase educational access and link the expertise of the university with the needs of society
  • Become a catalyst of continuous learning - reaching out to diverse constituencies, identifying issues and opportunities, engaging and integrating the intellectual resources of the university, and delivering effective educational responses and technology solutions to improve organizations as well as the quality of life within the Central Florida area and beyond
  • Meet the needs of mid-career professionals who seek high-quality, postgraduate education and professional development in a personalized and responsive institution
  • Extend the expertise and resources of the university to advance educational and arts opportunities


The Office of Boundless Learning at Stetson University seeks to enhance Stetson University's mission to educate diverse individuals who dare to be significant by becoming the source of innovation in education and lifelong learning for individuals and employers throughout the state and beyond.

Our Values

We seek to be an organization that:

  • Is committed to excellence by adding value to the participants
  • Exemplifies effective partnerships, teamwork, continuous learning, and improvement
  • Creates and sustains a supportive environment for all faculty and staff
  • Provides leadership for lifelong learning, distance education, personal enrichment, and professional development through shared visions with faculty
  • Reaches out beyond the borders of the campus to create access to the resources of the university for a comprehensive and integrated approach to assisting individuals, organizations, and communities with solution-driven outcomes
  • Integrates all the resources of the university in a seamless web that promotes its reputation as a true leader in higher education
  • Is committed to the university's values and goals of diversity