Alumni Board Representatives

2015-2016 Alumni Board of Directors

Mr. C. Scott Bruin '75 President
Mrs. Kathleen Linehan Graf '76 Immediate Past President
Mr. Robin A. Blanton '73, JD '77 Past Presidents' Council
The Reverend Michael R. Fronk '74 Past Presidents' Council
Mrs. Sandra BeVille Furches '72 Past Presidents' Council
Mr. John W. Furches '70 Past Presidents' Council
Mr. William A. Gray '89 Past Presidents' Council
Mr. Roderick P. Hansen '72 Past Presidents' Council
Mrs. Janelle Bozard Latour '78 Past Presidents' Council
Mr. Luis Prats '78, JD '81 Past Presidents' Council
Mr. William M. Roberts III '66 Past Presidents' Council
Mr. Aaron Bibbee '15 Student Government Association, President
Ms. Megan Dierkes ’16 Student Alumni Association, President


Affinity Representatives

Dr. D. Gregory Sapp '88 Faculty Representative

Mr. T. Glenn Kindred ’89

Greek Liaison for Fraternities

Mrs. Rhonda Dunn Battaglia '94, MS '98 Greek Liaison for Sororities


At-Large Board Members

Mrs. Melissa Mead Hinson ’92 At-Large Board Member
Mrs. Carol Creese Howell '81 At-Large Board Member
Mr. Craig S. Howell '81 At-Large Board Member
Mrs. Dawn Proffitt Jancheson '03 At-Large Board Member


Mr. Tyler Johansson '10 At-Large Board Member
Dr. Robert C. Walker '59 At-Large Board Member


Florida Territories

Mrs. Sheila Morris Newton '84 District Chair for Brevard County
Ms. Allison J. Foster '04 District Chair for Broward County
Mr. Edward "Ned" Skiff ’75 District Vice Chair for Broward County

The Honorable
W. Raymond Holley '91, JD '97
District Chair for Duval, St. Johns, Clay, and Nassau Counties
Mrs. Michelle Abrisch Laird '98, MBA '99 District Vice Chair for Duval, St. Johns, Clay, and Nassau Counties
Miss Ranell M. Tinsley '00 District Chair for Hillsborough County

Ms. Mallory Manning '11 District Chair for Lake County
Mr. Samuel A. Bruning '03 District Chair for Martin County
Mr. Steven Wunderlich '82 District Vice Chair for Martin County

Mr. William J. Wieland '07, JD '10 District Chair - Orlando
Mrs. Erin Lovell Ebanks '08 District Vice Chair - Orlando
Ms. Samantha Howell '09 District Vice Chair for Palm Beach County
Ms. Dia Davis '04 District Chair for Pinellas County
Mrs. Justine L. Talmadge Sanford '04 District Vice Chair for Pinellas County
Mr. Kevin P. Wasilewski '86 District Chair for Polk County
The Honorable Mark Herr '82 District Chair for Seminole County
Miss Jennifer Small District Vice Chair for Seminole County

Mr. Steven M. Roy '75 District Chair for Sumter County

Mr. Robert "Bert" Wohn '06 District Chair for East Volusia County
Mr. Timothy A. Ballesteros District Chair for Volusia County


National Regions

Mr. Scott Boore '76 District Chair for California
Mr. B. Keith McCormick '88 District Vice Chair for California
Mr. Matthew Anderson '93 District Chair for Colorado
Dr. Cindy Lovell '94, MA '96 District Chair for Connecticut
Mr. Gregory M. Dasher '86 District Chair for Illinois
Mr. Drew Glasnovich '09 District Chair for Minnesota
Mr. Erich Holland '10 District Chair for Ohio
Mr. Andrew S. Davis '09 District Chair for Pennsylvania
Ms. Marie Villard '08 District Chair for Texas
Mrs. Patricia Simpson Kimmel '75 District Chair for Virginia
Mr. Derek D. Jansante '11 District Chair for Washington DC