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Listen to and download the Stetson University fight song to use as a ringtone from the Alumni Association's Myxer page. You can also download a cell phone wallpaper.

Be sure to check out the StetsonU mobile application, which will help to keep you informed on the latest in campus news, events, social media and more!

Hatter Radio

Hatter Radio is Stetson University's student-run radio station. You can listen to anything from jazz to indie, or pick up on various interviews with people around campus.

Facebook Cover Photos

Show your Hatter pride on your Facebook profile! Download the photos below and update your Facebook cover photo.

  • media/stetsonu_fb_dreams_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_flags_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_football_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_halls_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_johnb_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_power_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_quad_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_0_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_1_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_sampineas_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_4_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_5_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_6_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_lawblack_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_8_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_lawgold_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_9_th.jpg
  • media/stetsonu_fb_10_th.jpg

Desktop Wallpapers

Put Stetson University on your desktop to see the sights and relive campus life in the comfort of your own home.

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