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Jessica Walton

Jessica Walton

Jessica Walton graduated from Stetson University in 2008 with a bachelor of business administration in marketing degree. After graduating from Stetson University, she completed her master of public health in policy and management at Emory University and now works as a consultant for PricewaterhouseCooper's Health Industries Advisory practice. Jessica is involved in many aspects of PwC. She has the opportunity to explore new cities, get to know coworkers and meet up with Stetson University alumni wherever she goes, as well as organizing events, mentoring new hires and volunteering with Junior Achievement.

During her time at Stetson University, Jessica participated in many volunteer opportunities and organizations. Jessica is a member of Pi Beta Phi and was an active leader; she is currently the president of the Pi Beta Phi Atlanta Alumni Club. She was also involved in many clubs at Stetson University, including Student Ambassador, Campaign for Adolescent and University Student Empowerment, FOCUS and Omicron Delta Kappa. Jessica is proud to be a valuable asset to the community due to her years at Stetson University. Jessica attributed these experiences, as well as her involvement in extracurricular clubs and knowledge from courses at Stetson University, to her success in the job market.

Advice from Jessica to Incoming Freshmen and Graduating Seniors

Incoming Freshmen

"As with most other activities in life, you only get out what you put into it. Stetson University provides the opportunities, but it is up to you to take advantage of them. No one will force you to take a leadership role in an organization, get to know your professors outside the classroom, participate in athletics or promote Stetson University to potential future students. People are passionate about Stetson University because of the investment they have made in [the university], which is much more than just a financial investment. They have invested time, energy, and genuinely worked to develop relationships with their peers and mentors."

Graduating Seniors

"Do not leave your Stetson University experience in DeLand! Become involved with [the university] after graduation; that means joining an alumni group, speaking at schools and fairs on behalf of Stetson University, taking an alumni leadership position with the university, or just calling up a couple of Stetson University alums who recently moved to the area to grab coffee, even if you did not know them well or did not hang out with their circle of friends in college. The more love you genuinely show for Stetson University, the more love you will receive in return from Stetson University."