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Student's walking through the Palm Court

New Hatter Fast Track Days

Stetson University invites you (and your family) to our special days on campus just for #newhatters. Our New Hatter Fast Track Days are designed to help you jumpstart your Stetson experience. These optional days are held throughout the summer and are the perfect chance for you to make connections with departments on campus as well as with other students all while taking care of any open business prior to move-in day. New Hatter Fast Track Days are held from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Students and families are encouraged to spend the day on campus for a day full of fun (and business).

Upcoming New Hatter Fast Track Days

Event Details


Check-in at the Rinker Welcome Center begins at 9:00 a.m. Students will receive information about the day and missing requirements during check in.

Choose Your Track

Students will choose which track they want to participate in when signing up for the day. Track choices are: Wellness, Leadership and Success.

  • Wellness: Team up and take on the Healthy Hatter Challenge! This fun-filled track will contain both mental and physical challenges to teach you the keys to success in being a Healthy Hatter. Answer questions and avoid road-blocks and detours to be the last team standing. Join the Wellness and Recreation Department and Student Counseling Services Staff to test your skills and knowledge as you journey towards the Healthy Hatter Challenge Finish Line.
  • Leadership: Are you looking for an opportunity to do your best every day? All too often, our natural talents go untapped and we devote more time to fixing shortcomings than developing strengths. This interactive track will allow incoming students to make new friends, get to know one another better, and explore their personal strengths while learning to apply them right away! Understanding your strengths and how they influence your life and leadership style may take less than two hours; however, the knowledge you will leave with stays forever. Stetson is committed to ensuring all graduates leave as informed and engaged leaders who are prepared to tackle complex world challenges, and this session is the first step on this journey. Join us during your visit and meet your peers while setting the foundations for true personal accomplishment!
  • Success: You have often heard "college is very different from high school." The previous skills that have allowed you to be successful may need a little tweaking to keep you on your path to academic excellence. Academic success and First-Year Seminar Faculty have teamed up to give you some insider strategies to help as you prepare yourself for the leap to the university curriculum. During this workshop, you will learn about some of the key differences between your past classroom experiences and your new intellectual environment. You will be introduced to new time management techniques, reading and writing strategies, and some great general advice to help you get the most out of your first semester.

New Hatter Checklist Requirements

Each of the below items are requirements from our New Hatter Checklist. More information and links to the following forms are found on the Starting at Stetson website. All forms can be turned in to the Rinker Welcome Center. 

  • Optional Placement Testing: Placement Exams are not required for all students. Please review the Placement Testing website to determine if you need to take a placement exam.
  • Personal Data & Advising Form (PDA): Students who have not submitted this form may complete it at the event.
  • Health History Form: Students who have not submitted this form may complete it at the event. 
  • Immunization Forms: Students who have not submitted this form may turn it in while on campus. Please print out the immunization form and take it to your doctor to complete. Immunization forms are required to register for classes and need to be completed ahead of time in order to submit to Health Services.

Exploring Stetson

Once registered, students are encouraged to take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • Residential Living and Learning Tours: Explore your new home as you tour our housing options.
  • One-Stop: Submit missing financial aid requirements, sign up for a payment plan, or make payments to your student account.
  • Meet with Financial Aid: Learn more and ask questions about Financial Planning on the second floor of the Rinker Welcome Center.
  • Hatter1card: Pick up your student ID card and learn how to take full advantages of all its features through 5th/3rd Bank. Submit your photo for your ID before the event to skip the lines!
    Making Connections on Campus: Meet fellow incoming students on campus and learn more about engagement opportunities on campus.