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Stetson Peer Instruction Program

The Stetson Peer Instruction (SPI) program is designed to assist students enrolled in the courses outlined below with course content, exam preparation and study habits/skills. Each of the sessions below begins exactly at the time below and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Becoming a SPI

The SPI for a specific section of a course is selected by the professor of each that section. If you are interested in becoming a SPI, please fill out this survey. When SPI positions open, a list of all students who are interested in working with that professor is sent directly to the professor.

Stetson Peer Instructors for Biology

BIOL 141P 01 - Melissa Gibbs, Ph.D.

  • SPI: Nick

BIOL 141P 02 - Roslyn Crowder, Ph.D.

  • SPI: James

BIOL 141P 03 - Derek Barkalow, Ph.D.

  • SPI: Isabelle

BIOL 141P 04 - Alicia Slater, Ph.D.

  • SPI: Mandy

BIOL 141P 05 - Kimberly Lewis-Vogel, Ph.D.

  • SPI: Paul

BIOL 142P 01 - Craig Lind, Ph.D

  • SPI:  Jordan

Stetson Peer Instruction for Chemistry

CHEM 141P 01 - Tandy Grubbs, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

CHEM 141P 02 - Ramee Indralingam, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

CHEM 141P 03 - John York, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

CHEM 141P 04 - Deborah Maxwell, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

CHEM 201 01 - Paul Sibbald, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

CHEM 201 02 - Paul Sibbald, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

Stetson Peer Instruction for Logic

PHIL 104Q 01 - Ron Hall, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

PHIL 104Q 02 - Joshua Rust, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 

PHIL 104Q 03 - Melinda Hall, Ph.D.

  • SPI: 
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