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Academic advisor meeting with student

Academic Advising

Every student is different; every story is different. Our task is to help students create the academic chapter of a lifetime.

Academic Advising empowers students to tell the academic component of their Stetson story by finding out where they have been, where they want to go and the best way to get there. By providing each student with a personalized advising experience, students will be able to explore the class options available to them and maximize their learning experience here at Stetson.

Academic Advising encompasses a comprehensive support network of faculty advisors, professional staff, peer leaders and other administrative staff. The program's hallmarks include personalized faculty advising and mentoring, a supplementary Advising Center, advanced degree audit technology and a peer-leader support team.

Personalized Faculty Advising

With an emphasis on personalized instruction and support, faculty mentoring is the backbone of academic advising. Once enrolled in their classes, all students are assigned a "faculty advisor" who works individually with them to provide guidance in a number of areas including course selection, major requirements, progress toward degree completion and post-graduation planning. Students who have declared a major will be assigned a faculty advisor within that field; those who have yet to declare are matched with a specially-designated "Discovery Advisor."

Those who are seeking advising assistance as incoming students or as supplemental advising have the opportunity to consult with Academic Success staff and are encouraged to take advantage of the many helpful resources available in our shared office.

Degree Audit Software

Degree Audit will be the students' personal electronic guide throughout their college experience. It is a web-based tool empowering students with the ability to monitor their progress toward degree completion, view "what if" scenarios for possible changes to a major/minor and calculate hypothetical GPA outcomes.

Degree Audit Training

Academic Advising is conveniently located in the Hollis Family Student Success Center in the library.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please access the Stetson SSC from the Student Life tab on the page. Once logged on, please select "Schedule an Appointment" on the right-hand side and select "Academic Success." A new drop-down menu will appear and students should select the option that best fits their needs.

For any questions on this process, please contact or (386) 822-7345.