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Stacy Collins

Director of the Academic Success Center

Stacy Collins began her journey with Stetson University by attending for both her bachelor and master of arts degrees. She continues to be a proud Hatter in her position as director of the Academic Success Center. In this position she leads the department in offering various initiatives to ensure student success. Ultimately, Stacy and the Academic Success Center team strive to help students enhance their empowerment and agency, practice self-advocacy, learn independent academic competency, reach their educational goals while at Stetson University and graduate proudly with a degree from Stetson University.


Aaron Distler

Assistant Director, Accessibility Coordinator

Aaron graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in sociology before earning his master's degree at UCF in mental health counseling with a certificate in marriage and family therapy. Aaron's passion for helping individuals strive for "their best life as they define it" guides his work every day. He believes in the importance of developing a level playing field and supportive campus climate for students to feel connected and be successful. Aaron empowers students to take an active role in their education by challenging them to identify their strengths and develop new skills that will help them reach their personal goals. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys running, watching television and movies, and spending time with his wife.


Kevin Miller

Academic Success Coordinator

Kevin graduated in December 2009 from Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in sociology, and in May 2012 from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa with a master's degree in student affairs. In his free time, Kevin enjoys reading, watching and talking about television, board games, and anything else that could remotely be considered "nerdy."


Billy Biferie

Accessibility Specialist

Billy has done a little bit of everything -- from waiting tables, digging ditches and selling auto parts, to coordinating volunteers and teaching high school. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2009 with a degree in English and classical studies, he took on odd jobs until joining Americorps NCCC. Since completing his year of national service, Billy has pursued his master of arts degree in English literature at Stetson University. He enjoys long walks on the beach, finely crafted anecdotes and pretending he is a space explorer.


Anne Moore

Success Specialist

Anne received her undergraduate degree from Stetson University in 2012, double majoring in religious studies and political science. She is now enrolled in the graduate program for clinical mental health counseling. Anne is an avid health enthusiast, and when she isn't working, you can probably find her teaching a yoga class or doing personal training. Besides work, Anne loves hiking, gardening and drinking Kombucha tea in all its fine array of flavors.


Alexis Trybinski

Athletic Academic Specialist

Alexis graduated from Stetson University in spring 2014 with a bachelor's degree in psychology and is currently pursuing her master's degree in clinical mental health counseling. At the Academic Success Center, Alexis combines her knowledge of the athlete's psyche with her psychology background to inspire student athletes to overcome mental and physical obstacles and reach their fullest potential. As a current member and captain of the women's soccer team, Alexis tries to carry her love of competition, collaboration and success to everyone with whom she interacts. A fun fact about Alexis is that when she isn't playing soccer and working with student-athletes, she's usually at home organizing and cleaning to support her problematic obsessive compulsive tendencies.


Sarah Frohnapfel

Athletic Academic Success Coordinator

Sarah graduated from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in English before moving to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia to earn her master's degree at Marshall University in sports administration. Sarah works specifically with Stetson University student athletes to ensure academic success, create learning opportunities and empower every athlete she works with to become an active member of the campus community. As a former student athlete, Sarah is passionate about identifying what intrinsically motivates a student and helping them take meaningful steps towards success. Sarah's personal passions include comedic sitcoms, the Harry Potter saga and all things dog-related.

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