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Exam Proctoring

The Academic Success Center proctors exams for students registered with our office who receive testing accommodations.

Stetson Students With Testing Accommodations

Registered students should use our online scheduling form to schedule an exam.

  • Students should discuss testing accommodations with their professors to determine the best way to fulfill the accommodation and have a plan before an exam needs to be scheduled.
  • It's the student's responsibility to schedule their exam with the Academic Success Center at least five business days prior to the date of the exam.
  • The Academic Success Center will contact the professor to obtain the exam and any needed directions.

For temporary disabilities that require testing accommodations, please contact the Academic Success Center at to discuss temporary accommodations.

Stetson Students Without Testing Accommodations

The Academic Success Center doesn't proctor examinations for students enrolled in courses at Stetson University who are not registered with the Center for disability-related accommodations. Registered students must request accommodations each semester in order for the Academic Success Center to proctor their examinations. If a student registered at Stetson University is interested in receiving testing accommodations due to a disability, they should contact the Academic Success Center at about the registration and intake process for disability-related academic accommodations. Information about requesting accommodations is also available on the Center's website.

Non-Stetson Students

DeLand Campus

For information about proctoring at the DeLand campus, please contact Cheri Gowan at

Center at Celebration

For information about proctoring at the Center at Celebration, please contact Dianne James at and Cindi Lynch at

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