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General Policy Statement on Recruitment Expenses

The faculty of a university is its most important resource. It is important, therefore, that the recruitment process be aggressive, thorough and national in scope. It is also important that every effort be made to keep costs involved in the recruitment process as low as possible. The following guidelines have been set to control our costs.


Advertisements should be placed where they will attract the most attention. Cost is considerable here, however. In the Chronicle of Higher Education, two small regular classified ads are acceptable. When it is possible to combine several position announcements, a display ad is acceptable providing the costs do not exceed the combined costs of the smaller individual ads. Whenever possible, the deans will coordinate announcements to make display ads possible.

It is essential that advertisements be placed such that they will attract a variety of candidates, including members of groups under-represented in our faculty. The Office of Academic Affairs has information on various online recruitment services and print publications.

Visits on Campus

Generally three candidates for a position will be invited to campus. These candidates must be approved by the appropriate dean and should include candidates from under-represented groups.

Convention Travel

At times, faculty may find it helpful to attend a professional convention to interview several candidates for a position. If this is a meeting which would normally be attended by the faculty member, then the expenses should be paid through the regular professional travel funding process. If the trip is expressly for recruitment, then it may be charged to the recruitment budget. Normally $750 should be considered the maximum for such travel and only one faculty member is approved for such convention recruitment.


Schedule air travel for conference interviews and campus visits at the lowest possible rates. It is essential the visits be scheduled as far in advance as possible so that reduced airfares are available.


University guest housing should be used when available. Otherwise, local hotels will be used. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs for assistance and guidance.


University funds may be used during the campus interviews to pay for meal costs of the candidate and hosting faculty (restricted to two faculty per meal). Efforts should be made to keep these costs reasonable.


All reimbursements associated with recruitment should be processed through that Office of Academic Affairs.

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