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Academic Awards Convocation

The Academic Awards Convocation is being expanded this year and combined with Baccalaureate. It has been renamed "A Celebration of Commencement" and will be held Friday, May 9, 2014 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in Elizabeth Hall's Lee Chapel.

This page provides information to all areas of the university which honor students with achievement awards and scholarships throughout their tenure at Stetson University, regardless of the class year/credits earned to date by a student.

The Celebration of Commencement is a celebration of achievements by graduating seniors at Stetson University. It is held on the Friday of graduation weekend, and is a part of the commencement festivities for the graduating class.

For more information on Commencement, please refer to the Commencement website.

Giving an Award or Scholarship(s)

Awards may be presented at various venues:

  • Academic Awards Convocation is reserved for academic awards going to graduating seniors (those with an anticipated May graduation date as well as those who graduated the December or July prior to the May date) which have not been presented previously at some other venue.
  • Presentation of awards earlier in the year or to not-yet-graduating seniors or underclassmen are the responsibility of the awarding area; it is the awarding area's responsibility to make the arrangements for the presentation of their awards. Awarding areas are encouraged to work with the Development Office to notify/include any named donors of the awards, and they may wish to work with the Office of University Events if they want assistance in arranging the presentation.
  • Awards presented earlier to graduating seniors, to not-yet-graduating seniors and to all underclass students will be listed in the Academic Awards Convocation printed program.

All awards (recognition-only awards, awards with a cash prize or gift card/gift item or a scholarship given in recognition of academic achievement), regardless of the student's class standing or presentation venue, must be processed on one of the following forms:

Due Dates

The following due dates apply to academic awards to be presented at Celebration of Commencement and the event program. Please note that all academic awards are included in the printed program, regardless of the recipient's class standing or presentation venue for the award. For more information on the printed program, see below.

Due by Thursday, April 17, 2014

All revisions to Celebration of Commencement printed program text are due to Robin Carter in the Office of Academic Affairs (

Due by Thursday, April 17, 2014

The award forms (as per the routing information on the bottom of the form):

Academic Awards Convocation Printed Program

A draft copy of the text of the program will be made available for review/revision early in the spring semester. The text of the program includes all academic awards presented at Stetson. It is compiled in the Office of Academic Affairs and then formatted and produced by the Office of University Marketing. Revisions of text should be sent to Robin Carter at by Thursday, April 17, 2014.

All academic awards are included in the Celebration of Commencement printed program, regardless of the recipient's class standing or the presentation venue for the award.

Organization of the Celebration of Commencement printed program:

  • The front section of the printed program includes all awards presented at Celebration of Commencement (those going to seniors with a July, December or May graduation date and not previously presented).
  • The back section of the printed program includes all other academic awards presented across the DeLand campus.

Comments on text to be included in the Celebration of Commencement printed program:

  • This is the awarding department or program's opportunity to highlight the history or story of the award and (if applicable) the legacy of the donor(s).
  • No mention should be made of any cash, plaque, or similar item which accompanies the award. Such an item (check, certificate or plaque) may be given at the time of the presentation, but any such reference will be removed from the text for the program. (Remember, some of the university's most prestigious awards come with little, if any, tangible gift, and the focus is to be on the honor or the award, its donor's legacy, and the accomplishment of the student, not on the wealth of the funding donor or donors.)

Information Regarding Celebration of Commencement

Convocation will be at 3 p.m., Friday, May 9, 2014, in the Lee Chapel, Elizabeth Hall.

Inviting Students

  • It is the responsibility of the presenting department/program to invite their honoree(s).
  • Honorees should be asked (when invited) to check in at 2:30 p.m., prior to the event. Check in will be in the hall just outside the Lee Chapel, on the first floor of Elizabeth Hall.
  • Presenters will be notified should their honoree not check in prior to the event, and these awards will not be presented on stage.

Presenter Remarks

  • Presentation remarks should focus on the student's accomplishment(s) as they pertain to the award they are receiving. The printed program is the venue for describing the award and its donor's legacy. No statement about any cash value, plaque or other tangible award should be made, though checks, certificates, plaques or gifts may be given during the handshake at the time of presentation.
  • All departmental/program awards (including the University Honors Program award and the Jarrard Award for outstanding student athlete/scholars) are limited to 100 words or a 30-second presentation per recipient.
  • The Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award and the John Hague Teaching Award are limited to a 250 word or two-minute presentation per recipient.
  • No awards will be presented in absentia.
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