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Accreditation is a statement of shared values and practices among the accrediting body's member institutions. Once granted, accreditation must be periodically reviewed and renewed in order to ensure that the quality and effectiveness of the education delivered by the institution not only remains worthy of accreditation, but that the institution continually aspires to greater levels of excellence.

Councils and Committees

The university's various councils, committees and task forces have been established to carry out special projects and purposes that are related to the educational purposes of the university. That is, to ensure creativity, involvement and communication among the faculty in the work of the university; to assure faculty representation in and communication with the university's administration; to unify the university in its common tasks; to give members of the faculty a share in the decision-making processes which affect both their well-being and their work; and to distribute the workload of the university as evenly as possible.

Faculty Service Chart

This chart outlines faculty service to the institution in the form of academic advising to students and leadership of departments and programs, as well as their participation in governing committees.


The university is governed by a myriad of policies which define the principles by which the university executes its mission, both academically and in the community.

Works in Progress

This page allows the university community to be kept informed and up-to-date about the works-in-progress of the university's councils, committees, task forces and work groups.

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